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Codex <strong>Organizational 'source code' for collective governance</strong> KeyDocs This category is for initial readers, reviewers and editors to make their way through the ~70,000 word Key Documents project as of April 2018.
About the Co-op Channel [Cosmos Co-op] (3)
User Stories [KeyDocs] (2)
Market [KeyDocs] (2)
Cosmos' Core Functionalities and Features [KeyDocs] (2)
Business Model Canvas [KeyDocs] (4)
Business Strategy (Summary) [KeyDocs] (8)
Process Templates: Informational, Social & Technological [KeyDocs] (1)
The Plug-ins Strategy [KeyDocs] (1)
Market Strategy [KeyDocs] (1)
The Five Pillars [KeyDocs] (1)
Products & Services [KeyDocs] (1)
Cosmos Wisdom Council – Meeting #2 [5/11] [Cosmos Co-op] (8)
Dashboard [KeyDocs] (1)
C> (Cointribute) [KeyDocs] (5)
**Key Docs Table of Contents** [KeyDocs] (3)

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KEY:Level refers to architecture (e.g. 1 is top level, 3 nests within 2 which nests within 1) Grouping A, B, and…

Unified Progression Game: Self-Actualization and Learning [KeyDocs] (1)
To Accord with Life's Deepest Desires: A Philosophical Perspective on Self-Actualization [KeyDocs] (6)
LitCoin [KeyDocs] (7)
Meet Me by the Baobab Tree [Cosmos Co-op] (11)
Convening a Cosmos Wisdom Council ( 2 3 4 ) [Cosmos Co-op] (64)
Internal Currencies [KeyDocs] (1)
How Membership Works [KeyDocs] (3)
Unified Design Principles [KeyDocs] (5)
Manifesto [KeyDocs] (5)
Tripod View (& Constitutional Algorithms) [KeyDocs] (1)
Design Principles: Technological/Platform & Structural Aspects [KeyDocs] (1)
Membership, Structurally (What is "in" & "out" of the system) [KeyDocs] (1)
Spectrum of Engagement [KeyDocs] (1)
The Creative Independent [Cosmos Co-op] (3)
How We Serve: Summary [KeyDocs] (1)