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Codex <strong>Organizational 'source code' for collective governance</strong>
KeyDocs This category is for initial readers, reviewers and editors to make their way through the ~70,000 word Key Documents project as of April 2018.

About the Co-op Channel [Cosmos Co-op] (3)
The Creative Independent [Cosmos Co-op] (1)
Manifesto [KeyDocs] (3)
Convening a Cosmos Wisdom Council ( 2 3 ) [Cosmos Co-op] (50)
**Key Docs Table of Contents** [KeyDocs] (2)
Podcast Listeners Really Are the Holy Grail Advertisers Hoped They'd Be [Cosmos Co-op] (12)
Democracy.Earth whitepaper ... a micro reading group related to Cosmos' development? [Cosmos Co-op] (16)
Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct [Codex] (4)
Managing Cross-disciplinary Collaboration among Scientists and Artists [Codex] (13)
How can we catalyze each other as writers & artists? [Cosmos Co-op] (16)
KeyCode Process: README [Cosmos Co-op] (3)
Launching the Key Docs Project [Cosmos Co-op] (1)
Mission, Goals & Objectives [Cosmos Co-op] (2)
Organizational Design Principles [Cosmos Co-op] (1)
Organizational Values & Ethics [Cosmos Co-op] (1)
Design Principles: Community & Social Norms [Cosmos Co-op] (1)
Design Principles: Technological Platform Aspects [Cosmos Co-op] (1)
Guiding Assumptions (Theory of Change) [Cosmos Co-op] (1)
Who is Cosmos? [Cosmos Co-op] (1)
What is Cosmos? [Cosmos Co-op] (1)
Collab 101: Essentials of Shared Leadership for Powerful Collaboration ( 2 ) [Cosmos Co-op] (21)
Meet Me by the Baobab Tree [Cosmos Co-op] (9)
Forum Guidelines [Codex] (1)
Swarm Fund - Token Sale 9/7 -- 9/22 [Cosmos Co-op] (2)
Organizational Poetics [Cosmos Co-op] (1)
Aral Balkan / Ethical Design Manifesto [Cosmos Co-op] (1)
H is for Shop Talk (Co-Op Shop Talk #5 – 4/18) [Cosmos Co-op] (1)
Mind to Mind: Cultural Conversations – RSVP and suggest topics [Cosmos Co-op] (4)
Time Well Spent (What is Technology Doing to Us?) [Cosmos Co-op] (2)
What is this Codex? [Codex] (4)