A Cosmos Child Is Born


(Douglas Duff) #1

Our baby Vincent has been born.

I have had no sleep and have little deep thought running through my mind. Even emotions are few. This is an interesting day and another life changing experience. All previous notions of how I should exist are nonexistent. Each glance at our child’s face, each delicate attempt at cradling his delicate body, brings about a simple feeling of being.

I intend to express my gratitude for this site, for each of you and your presence. Online life, amongst Cosmosnauts, however distant, needn’t be solely intellectual, thus I wish to share this milestone, my life, my family, in a manner that is much more intimate and deliberate/intentional (than Facebook…a location in which none of my personal information will be shared).

It is a strange feeling to be so close to the lot of you. Our relationships with each other, mostly temporally brief and techno-limited, have attained heights unimaginable, mostly without any direct physical proximity. How do we best express our love for eachother digitally? First, it seems, we must be aware. Aware of each other and our needs. Currently, I simply need all of you to be aware of the underlying importance (for me) of the relationships built thus far in the Cosmos and the direct impact they have on how I have been/will be raising my children… my mind envisions a world, here on this site, that has come to terms with our limited abilities to relate our technology to our person-ness/personalities, thus creating a novel space for exploring as we have done…can our loved ones be included in this world?

I have become the vision of myself through our discussions and sharings. Though this might be the only public image I share, know that all of you will be present in the intimate and private moments in my life. And to that…thank you!

(Ed Mahood) #2

Congratulations! All the best to the mother and child; and strength to the two-man support crew, too!

(Geoffrey Edwards) #3

We love you too, @Douggins. I, too, am at a loss for how it happened, that such deep feelings have developed for people I only meet online. It feels like a kind of extended family, with its comings and goings, people dropping in and out. It’s speechless in the best possible way. My thoughts are with you…

(Ann Roberts) #4

Many congratulations @Douggins - beautiful photograph and wishing all the family well. My daughter is just coming through the first four months of a new baby so I do appreciate the journey you are all embarking on:) love the name Vincent. Mmmmm

(Marco V Morelli) #5

@Douggins: I have been meaning to officially, formally thank you for sharing the creative advance into novelty which is the birth of your son Vincent into THE (this? our? his?) world. :tada:

Every life is a miracle and adventure; little Vincent is obviously already playing his cards well, to have landed in your family’s quantum embrace, with the strong nuclear force field of his father and mother, and the far-seeing eyes of his older brother. (We’ll have to watch this dynamic duo’s moves and learn a thing or two.)

I strongly resonate with your vision for this site including our loved ones, along with our intellectual and creative explorations. I don’t know exactly how to bring those worlds together beyond this forum, at this time, but I can imagine it happening in beautiful ways as our cosmic kinship grows.

(Douglas Duff) #6

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