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(Ariel Ky) #2

If this is a collective, a true cooperative venture, I would like to suggest adopting value based decision making. The community decides what its shared values are, and then any decisions to make have to get ticked off a list of those values in order to decide if the project manifests what the community values. I’d like to invite two futurists to this forum, although I’m not sure how that’s done. Maybe just tell them about. Stephen Black and Andrew Herman. Stephen has developed the value based decision making process.

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(Marco V Morelli) #3

Hi Ariel: I would certainly be interested in learning more about this process. If you invite Stephen and Andrew, just have them go to InfiniteConversations.com and click the sign-up link, then introduce themselves.

You might also like to listen to my recent conversation with Caroline Savery (who we’ve hired as a co-op developer). It’s rather long, but I think it was a substantial discussion—which was at some level essentially about values.

We are currently working on distilling our thoughts into a format that will be easier for others to absorb. I welcome you adding your own reflections. As well, we will be re-starting community meetings at some point after Caroline and I clarify our own thinking sufficiently that we can offer something more succinct for others to respond to.