About the Ideas, Suggestions & Possibilities channel

Also known as “sensed bits”: This channel is for plucking out units of information – suggestions, potentials, ideas, etc. – from our conversations here (and also from our own minds and hearts), that pertain to Cosmos as a whole AND that are positive in nature (i.e., represent positive potentials for Cosmos to realize – like what would we like to see amplified and grow here?).

This is in contrast to the Questions, Concerns and Issues channel, which captures our sensed bits about negative aspects (i.e., things we would like to see limited or resolved).

The purpose is to make those “sensed bits” more visible and tractable to other members, who can then validate those bits by interacting in various ways (see list below) TOWARD the productive development of Cosmos as a community, platform, and cooperative.

See PRAXIS PROCESS - this channel represents the first stage in the process, which is the “generative milieu” of various units of information or feedback (or, if you prefer natural metaphors, the “compost pile” of nutritious bits that could become “metabolized” by Cosmos-as-a-whole in the form of future actions, products, or workflows [“fruits”] constructed to address or embody the nutritious intelligence of the original sensed bit.)

Ways user-members can validate sensed bits (and thus further the sensed bits’ growth toward becoming Priorities):

  1. Hearts (liking) the post
  2. Commenting & expanding the conversation on the post
  3. Suggesting reiterating, reframing or merging it with other sensed bits to form a broader conversation on the shared item of concern
  4. (Potentially more “token attribution” actions, TBD - see meeting 10-4-18 for those ideas)

That’s it for the basics of using this channel.

Users are encouraged to develop the habit of extracting “sensed bits” from unfolding forum conversations that seem especially salient and deserving of becoming proposals into this realm. [@madrush can you give a quick primer on how to highlight text in the forum and turning it into a new post in this channel, so people can begin to get in the habit of doing so quickly?]

Users are encouraged to tag their sensed bits according to the following domains [DOMAINS TBD - @madrush can we settle on a final list of “mandala areas” and put that list here? AND create the tags and have them be “suggested tags” when creating a post in this channel?]

Users are encouraged to step us as stewards (within the Domain areas-of-interest, outlined above), who volunteer to keep an eye on the overall conversations & flows, to merge similar items, and to urge, enact, and facilitate continued progress on items going through this “Praxis Process.” Such a steward role may be designated by a group and/or a badge - TBD - and user/members may work autonomously in this capacity as well as convene in collaborative meet-ups.

THESE SYSTEMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE! We recognize upfront that the forum may not the ideal “frame” and tool to use to implement Praxis Process as described—but we’re working with what we have, right now, to try to begin practicing and thus iterating these means, which enable greater user/member engagement, increased transparency, and increased capacity for validated, productive development of various potentialities encompassed in Cosmos.