About the KeyDocs channel

This category is for initial readers, reviewers and editors to make their way through the ~70,000 word Key Documents project as of April 2018.

Caroline (@care_save) is the process manager and main author: she will publish all of the key documents into this channel exclusively over the next few weeks on Mondays. Editors in the @keydocs-editors cohort will read 1 page per week, and take an action: either liking the post (heart icon) and/or commenting on it with critical feedback. Anyone with an interest in being early readers and providers of feedback to the Key Docs may join the keydocs-editors cohort, by visiting the Groups page and clicking the “Request” button next to the group name: keydocs-editors.

Posts that receive 5 likes will be moved to the Workspace for all Cosmos.coop/Infinite Conversations members to engage with. Here, and in Workspace, posts will go through a validation process of discussion, collaborative revision, and gaining approval (currently the threshhold is that a post garners 5 “likes”) before being published in front of a wider audience. All posts are wikis, which means version histories and authorship are tracked when changes to the original post are made.

This will be a non-linear, gradual process, whose immediate purpose is to stimulate conversation about Cosmos’ direction among its contributors and community. Ultimately, the collectively-produced and authorized pages will appear as a living document in ebook format for anyone to see, on Cosmos.coop’s website.