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(Marco V Morelli) #1

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(Durwin Foster) #2

There was pretty positive response from my community-of-origin alumni when I shared about this project. However, I do believe the name won’t serve in the long run. Just as “Integral Naked” emphasized sex a little too much when Ken named it that, Metapsychosis emphasizes the arcane just a little too much. IMO :slight_smile:

(Marco V Morelli) #3

Hey Durwin- thanks for sharing, and thanks for the thought. I guess we’ll see about the name. I think these things have a life(-span) of their own, and should serve a purpose.

If our purpose changes or deepens, or the name stops serving it, then I would certainly be open to a new idea. However, this is the best I could come up with that has some juice to it and serves to differentiate us from more new agey and “integral this / integral that” concepts.

It’s also only one expression of the larger project, which also includes A Theory of Everybody, Infinite Conversations, LitGeeks, etc. Each of these namespaces has their own style, which I hope appeals to a variety of (sub)-personalities among us. :slight_smile:

(john davis) #4

Is the Journal out yet? I am sure the first issue will establish a group style and then innovations or changes in stance can occur through a kind of osmosis. Like a Duck/Rabbit picture. Goes back and forth bringing our attention to the excluded middle. A kind of Metapsychosis/osmossis. Words, words, words…down the rabbit hole…into the dark and then back again into the day light. I think we should encourage the amorphous, the ineffable and uncanny. Seeking clarity is usually an effort to avoid the taboo, as we try to name things and then expect them to stay still. Let’s enjoy the trickery and the hocus pocus. Words originated in magic. Let’s get back to the garden of delight.

(Marco V Morelli) #5

@johnnydavis54- we’re working on our first batch of items to publish, very soon. Do you have anything in particular you’d like to submit? Would love to publish some of your stories…

(john davis) #6

Yes I can pull something out of my hat, I am not sure if it is appropriate. It is is about ten pages? Double spaced? I think Jeremy wants 10,000 words? I am not sure how many words it is. Maybe I can re-edit and send to you in a couple of days. It is very odd. Sex and Angels and Demons oh my! Let me know what is the requirement.

(Marco V Morelli) #7

That sounds good to me, John. I’d say throw it in here. If we can’t use it right away, maybe it will suddenly connect to something later, be some kind of perfect contrast. Or maybe it will constellate with something now…

From a cloud of possibilities, we can collapse editorial configurations as mutually desired.

(john davis) #8

Great! I will send ASAP.

(Marco V Morelli) #9