Affirmative vs empathic relations

I think about affimative relationships vs empathic relationships. I feel that the empathic relationship is not bound by big smiles, and compliments as the affirmative one is. The affirmative is like an indoctrination, it shapes one after another’s interpretations and criticisms, it gives an anxiety and worry about not being sufficient in the affirmative society. The affirmative relationship is egocentric, it forms ego feedbacks which is a default practical mechanism for carrying out chores normally but in this case the feedback concerns a social implementation behavior.
The empathic relationship is intuitive and a slowly growing emegence, it gives people diverse impressions and experiences, you can yell at eachother, go through miserable events, have conflicting arguments, that is part of personal empathic genuinity, the emphathic is ugly and raw sometimes, it is not just beautiful and romantizised. The affirmative always wants to show the best side to get a positive response ego feedback, interactions with others become mirrors. Relationships shaped by affirmation and relationships shaped by empathy are therefore different.


After spending 20years recovering from taking a Tractor over the side of a mountain road,Your Quote Lands In my Heart Recovery Here-Now! Thank U.Someone who has been a Big Influence & Guide along these lines is
Karla McLaren “The Art of Empathy” & a recent Podcast is a wonderful way to Experience her Teaching on Empathy:

Thank you for your reply and the link! I will contemplate what to reply back, might take a day or so. :slight_smile: Im a slow thinker. I like slowness so much. I am glad you appretiated the topic!

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