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Alternate Realities 8

A trio of dreamers, Michael, Marco and John, practice sharing transindividual attention. Transindividual attention is the collective thinking/feeling that comes through the ‘I’ zone. Logical levels are discussed as they search for patterns that connect. When you write a poem how do you consider your reader or audience? In this episode we take some necessary steps towards an ecology of attention.


Dear dreamers~ I am looking forward to joining you today, and I thought I’d share an image from a dream I had recently, perhaps only as an appetizer for a more expansive discussion, as this particular image is relatively simple but deep.

I was looking into my eyes, not exactly in a mirror, but directly, as if from the perspective of being inside a mirror looking at the looker.

I saw my dog Mooby’s eyes. She is old, and has been completely blind in one eye, her left eye, since 2014. I have long felt that Mooby is a part my soul. She has been with us, a member of our family (or we of her pack), since 2006—just after Kayla and I got married and I quite I-I (Integral Institute) and we bought this house and started a new life together.

Mooby has spent many hours of her life cuddled up with me on the sofa or in bed. We have walked together, run, meditated. (We have not played fetch, however, she never liked fetch.) But when we first adopted her I trained her to sit, wait, roll over, and at least indoors, we developed some rapport.

Outdoors, all of Mooby’s terrier instincts kick in—her dominance drive, her territoriality, her unilateral aggression toward rival dogs, her reflex to attempt to kill any small (or even larger) furry creature. She was never very good at being social, except with select other dogs, like our other canine companion who died three years ago, Particle Dog, my brother’s dog Mojo, and a former neighbor of our’s big slobbery boxer, who we used to house-sit occasionally.

Over the last 4 years since Mooby’s left eye clouded over, she has also gone mostly (but not completely) blind in the other eye and pretty completely deaf. She is approximately 14 years old now, and has slowed down considerably, but remains vigorous and able to run and jump and pester for treats. She often follows me to my studio during the day and sticks close to me when she can.

I have often wondered about Mooby’s terrier personality, her aggression, and more recently her blindness, and how these qualities may or may not reflect some aspects of my soul—and I wonder how well I am doing at integrating my inner Mooby.

We don’t have to talk about this exactly today. But I thought I would bring it up since Mooby’s blindness has been a metaphor I have been pondering for awhile. I wonder, in what ways am I blind or half-blind? What am I not seeing?

Here is picture from a short hike we did this summer:


Thank you, Marco, for sharing this intimate portrait of your dear friend. I resonate. Also, I have a fondness for terriers. They are good rat catchers!



Words commonly used to describe a shift, or relationship between levels are:






Questions for Meta-Person

And what’s happening for you so far?

And what let’s you know that?

And what are you seeing, hearing, knowing?

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Thanks to Marco and Michael for the opportunity to develop meta-attentional capacities. I look forward to studying the video when it is available as I am confident that our competence is growing. Michael mentions that he wants to take a holiday break and I am open to a different configuration. If Doug is still available we can continue to practice with CL or morph into something else. I do find that skills vanish rapidly without some regular practice. I respect that others may not be up for this challenge and so am glad that we have traveled together thus far. It has been very interesting. So if you want to keep it going, Doug, for next week or in the near future we can evaluate that possibility together. What is an ecological practice for us? Thanks again and look forward to future collaborations. And when deciding at your best, that’s like what?

Also I want to share a good article on Logical Levels, which we demonstrate in the session. The article focuses on the work of Bateson and the power of meta-communication. I think we saw some of that happen in our ‘live’ session. As a student of Bateson, I expect Michael may find it worthwhile. Thanks again for sharing attention!


Thanks John for the PDF,the ecological practice for this Rascal of Cosmos Cafe’ is to move between, in & around as many Ecologies(alternate realities) of Planet Earth as possible.This makes my deciding at my best Imaginative,Flexible,Agile & Goofy with Gumption to Dance,Sing & Bring the Inner Electricity to this Different Bulb of Cosmos Time Creation!Thanks For Your Loving,Caring Attention.



My underlying desire for this conversation is to demonstrate that we can come into the virtual space and utilize it at its maximum. Is your demonstration of space as you climbed upon your chair and performed the best we can do? what other aspects are we neglecting? can we open up to poetry in the moment? singing? I have many ideas that surge when alone then subside when in public situations. There is only so much room for the weird even in a group like ours…

and note…this is not an open frame! There will be blood! Come if willing and able…

November 28, 2018 5:00 PM

ZOOM video ID : 740-164-668


Really like your word Jazz Doug.A working Hypothesis I’ve been playing with since on CC’ is the impact of the Energy Field of each of our Geographic locations,starting with Ed in Germany,John in New York,You in Kentucky,Marco & Mark in Colorado & me in Southern California.It seems we each are living in a Energy Field that Vibes differently from each,yet not separate in terms of the Larger Planetary Energy Field.As an example is if I was in New York hanging with John,I would have to acclimatize to his location when in that physical location.That would apply to the other locations.It’s a practice of mine to bring a consenting-intention to the actual physical space I am in,sensitive to the movement of that space entering & exiting my BodyMindSpirit.This is what I feel can apply when we interact with two different physical spaces through the liminal of CyperSpace,a Wild,Wild Frontier Yes,& because of that our nervous systems are being stretched beyond our comfort zone at times…Exciting yet messy at times,sometimes the structure spontaneously appears & sometimes the structure is needed so the spontaneous can Express it’s Movement in the Present.Reality is a workable hypothesis,as the Meditation teacher Trunga once said “Be Yourself Reality will give You Feedback”,I for one don’t always like or want what it says.Just Saying my CC’ Rascal Friends!


An Alternate Take on Alternate Realities


Thanks, Doug, and I really learned a lot from our conversation. Since I rarely use this word I did a little research.




noun: commerce ; noun: comm.

1.the activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale.

synonyms: trade, trading, buying and selling, business, dealing, traffic dealings between people.

“outside the normal commerce of civilized life”

synonyms: relations, dealings, socializing, communication, association, contact

  1. archaic. sexual intercourse.


mid 16th century (sense 2): from French, or from Latin commercium ‘trade, trading,’ from com- ‘together’ + mercium (from merx , merc- ‘merchandise’).


And merci beaucoup right back at you.

Have mercy on this mercurial memory
Had many thoughts to share, now not coming to me.
My grammar, you see, plops out improperly…
Please take my commerce
Composed in this verse
As conversational communication through gramercy.


I have had the opportunity to re-view the recording, but while driving so I did not take good notes. A couple thoughts have formed nevertheless, bridging from the final moments of our discussion about the direction of learning and intellectual commerce via the site:

  • Research Aides: I would like to think of myself, and perhaps you include yourself in this, as aiding the research of others on the site. I am nobody’s fool or pedant’s lackey, but when someone has an idea they wish to pursue, I embody that desire and seek to read-up and bring our best thoughts to the table. We had two examples from the conversation…
  1. Commerce: I am imagining that we do another one-on-one session this time with the focus on Loeffler’s work, provide a great (enough) summary so that others can get the gist of it.
    With this basic recording we can take it in many directions, see if others are interested—> one idea I have is to honor Marco’s request:

I would like to piece together a Cafe honing in on Loeffler’s last section entitled “Distributing Potentiality: Economies of Access as Fractal-Genetic Coupling in the Technological Civilization” … it is a reasonably short reading for a Cafe and , with our one-on-one summary on the paper, I feel this would demonstrate the depth of integration we seek. Other topics relevant to Loeffler that we have discussed in the past: Paul Mason and PostCapitalism (which @achronon, @Geoffrey_Edwards and @patanswer responded to) and the Gift Economy (which @madrush and @care_save wish to embed within the Cosmic framework)

  1. What is the body? What is our body at its best? You stated that you didn’t quite complete the effort in the Alternate Realities 8 and we only somewhat explored the idea. I would like to see where you want to go next with this.

And you embody that desire…

I look forward to having another session, Doug, perhaps next Weds? We can focus our shared attention on this potential Cafe 12/11? I imagine that we could do two sessions on the Post-Money Society. We have already, as you have noticed, made some efforts to give our attention to this complex topic. I have lots of ideas about this but it would need some careful planning. I like this idea very much. I could summarize Loeffler and what he is calling Second Order Culture. So maybe we can rehearse some ideas next time? I want to actually do a qualitative research project around this topic. And money is like what? Bring your crayons!


I find it odd that commerce meant sexual intercourse in archaic times. Very ironic.


So did “knowing” in Biblical times.


I am starting to appreciate how important etymology can be in revealing the interior meanings in our everyday use of words. Our words are slippery and have gone through many transformations before they end up in our voice and bodies. We go to the theater and to movies not for the text but for the subtext,Our bodies are information processors.

I consider myself to be a modeler. I believe this is a new artform. We are a performance by the territory.

We can work on this together. Here is a quote from that section of the paper that outlines a future.

“The emerging post-capitalist economic system can be anticipated. It will highly dynamically, flexibly and adaptively implement extra-economic factors into the exchange processes by a mix of universal basic income, citizen score systems, decentralized blockchain infrastructures, and the management technologies developed in platform capitalism. This will be realized by the inversion of the principle of the latter: after companies have adopted technologies that originally were developed for the public, the public will re-adopt and re-socialize the management technologies enhanced in the competition between the companies exploiting the niches in virtual space.”

Although I like the evidence that Davor presents, and find it compelling, I dont imagine that Capitalism, in it’s current forms, is going to die out anytime soon. Without interior developments that correspond to the greater complexity Davor predicts, this post-money movement won’t happen automatically. Most people shop to self soothe. Other ways of finding satisfaction will have to be developed. Sharing high quality attention can be extremely satisfying.

We will have to intend for this to happen. It might happen if there are enough persons who want it to happen. Hence my i intense interest in working in small groups to learn how to re-direct attention skillfully. If we arent able to train our attention we will be extinct pretty soon. Davor recognizes this and points to the need to develop a capacity for shared meta-attention(s) in motion. But he doesn’t develop this, as he stays in the theoretical and the meta-theoretical. Gidley’s research may resonate with this. Can we find the patterns that connect?

I am working with vast energies and I have blown a fuse on more than one occasion so I know how difficult this challenge is. I am inviting a few people to focus a shared meta- attention on the interiors of the future people who will be able to handle this kind of complexity. We are not there yet but we can create conditions for this adjacent possibility. In a sense it is already here, as Michael declare recently.

We may be the first generation to undergo this mutation that Gebser and Sri Aurobindo intuited. The Internet Age is here. The increasingly noisy online environments, with scattered attention, manipulated by gadgets and flat screens, will be a cause of the catastrophe, if cannibal forms of Capitalism are not willing to adapt to the greater cognitive capacities that are being opened up by the technology.

Hence, my desired outcome is to create a niche where the old fashioned use of the crayon ( re-connecting us to the field of childhood joy) and the high speeds of the internet can be used for knowledge creation in small social units that can oscillate between attentional styles, from the fast and highly focused, to slower and diffuse, to the very slow and immersive. As you may recall Kerri Welch maps brain states to the Structures of Gebser. The fast rhythms carry innovation, the slow rhythms stability and power. Chunk down and chunk slow.

Unfortunately, the flat screens inhibit the slow and the subtle from functioning properly in the repertoire of our attentional styles. These styles essentially blend rhythmic, analogue, gesture and affects. The voice carries across all of these qualities of our attention. We resonate with or are interrupted by the attention of others. We can be uplifted and inspired by those who are in synch with us or distressed by clashes in attentional styles. Trans-individualization can be modeled. We are already doing this. Can the idiosyncratic gifts or one person become transferable to another?

I can summarize this paper, ( it is not an easy read) and some of our research here. We are, in the video, of our last session, developing new language games, and techniques to re-combine these complex kinds of cognitive/affective communiques from the field. We are using open eyed trance states for oscillating between different ways of knowing. This is, as I tend to repeat, a meta-skill. If every kid learned clean language in school we would see a huge shift cultural capacity within a generation.

We are, as you have pointed out, Doug, engaged in Post-formal education. We are putting this on our maps. Then we have to co-create the territory. Individuate and Intergrate.

These are some of my meta-reflections. I am looking forward to learning more about yours.

By the way, I think Davor, references Merlin Donald, who was the focus of some of our previous discussions. I recall Ed had much to say, but I dont want to overwhelm him with too many models. I respect that others have to find their own pace. As I live in the fastest place on the planet I expect I am often out of synch with others who may live in more stable places.

I also want to add this guy, Giuseppe Longo, who shows us the dangers of the Computer metaphor. I think this compliments what we are working out. Interested in your response. I think Ed and others at the Cafe might appreciate this. Maybe we can weave all of this research together somehow?


Table for Two,“John & Doug” Thank U Both for a Delicious,Nourishing,Meal of Thought & Affective dishes.The Ambience of the Virtual Space was picked -up across the Distance between the Two of U & the later viewing of myself.Of course I have an Edge of having shared with both U some Flight time in this medium of the Virtual.I Really was intrigued by The questions What is The Body?When your Body is at its Best,it’s like What?,also The Interplay of Physical,Virtual & Subtle,I am wondering if the State of Emulsion is a working metaphor,a mixture of liquids,picture moving lava;not solid or liquid…not densely solid-tangible yet still tangible.The dish that landed in my Psyche on target was changing the language of Attention from a Monetized descriptor to one of Giving,which feels more empowering personally,which does not leave out the Art of Discerning placement of one’s attention,(no ignoring of sharks or other types of unfriendly life forms). I for One am still listening to your Riffs like a song from Van Morrison ,“Born To Sing”. Blessings in the Days Ahead!!!


Thanks for your feedback, Michael. As you are familiar with this technique you probably have a better feel for the search for the patterns. You may notice that we are able to move between logical levels and stay in a conversational mode. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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A Lucid Dream Report

-I am in a room with a big crowd. I recognize persons from a place I used to work thirty years ago. I greet these persons and recognize that this is a dream state. I suggest to one of the persons that we have sex in one of the offices. He agrees. I am very amused. I ask the group," Does everyone know this is a dream?" The dream fades and I return to the earth body and wonder why I wasted the lucidity to play a sly joke. I return to a lucid state and have a long and intense series of highly lucid states. These are dreams that are bathed in a clear light. They are in a non linear flow but I have made every effort to take them into a sequence that is understandable to others. As this is an alternate encounter I feel it is about the social spaces we are co-creating here.

I am told telepathically by a higher intelligence that everything that the ‘I’ tells is a limitation on reality.

I am on a great journey on a strange loop in a vast space. The atmosphere shimmers in a fine light. My subtle body and the road I travel are shimmering and made by a vast intellience that is connected to my own. I realized I was in a symbolic landscape acting out a new kind of topology. I knew that I had taken a wrong turn and had to retrace by path to the original mistake.

I see a drama unfold in a large hologram. Two men, an established officer and a young recruit are in the military, and having a love affair. The younger man is dressed in marine blues. They are standing face to face, gigantic, in a field of energy, that is very intense. I watch this scene at a distance and feel that it is a cosmic drama of great importance.

I continue on my journey trying to find the place where the roads crossed and I took the wrong turn. The road, the loop, is shining and I can take each step mindfully and inside the loop I can see many angularities that capture other kinds of time signatures. I can keep track of several times at the same time.

I am in beautiful empty suite of rooms, with my friend, Seth, and I tell him of a great juxtaposition that has occurred. Two times had arrived and we ( he and I) had entered through a choice into one of those times, and ‘I’ can remember that choice. I am aware that Seth is a magician and I can download his practice for we are in a high trust zone where we can be transparent to one another. We have practiced for a couple of years using clean language. I am registering the effects of that practice on another level. I look at the light blue walls which I am free to decorate in anyway I want. We are working on this together. The rooms are bathed in celestial light and I can see in the distance the horizon of the ocean and clear blue skies. I make a gesture, hands above my head, palms facing each other, about a foot apart, and I say," From there I can make contact with God. But this God, above my head, that the gesture indicates is not a location that I can make visible. The contact is more not in the visual system but is more of an auditory, kinesthetic dynamic. Hence the Invisible God but a God that is Real though hidden from most humanity in this Objectifying zone. Seth leaves and I am alone and in a room high up in the air, a single cushion near a window that I can lie down upon and gaze into the light sky. A can imagine in a wall a future window that I can design. It is a long vertical rectangle shape and I will make it with stained glass. I contemplate the beauty of the empty room.

I am playing catch with a light ping pong ball. It bouces across the floor and I catch it and return it to my partner. He is a beautiful black man radiant with energy and we are in this synergistic sphere of intelligence that includes many others who are playing various games. There is a feeling of great formality, serenity, total perfection, in our movement.

I am a woman, narrating a story to a man. She tells the man that he can enter the past and the future and return to the present. She says that she then can write it down. She/ I open her purse. The purse is empty.

I am traveling in a great space on a highway. The ocean is on the left.A woman is driving the car and she is asking clean questions. I am in the back seat with an old childhood friend, that I have been broken up with… I tell her that I forgive but that I wont forget. She is seated on the left side. She is tuning into the vastness of the ocean and we are both aware of her conflict as she moves in and out of difficult scenarios. My heart breaks. I hold her my arms and declare that I will always protect her. I weep,