An option for accessing EPO in digital format

I’m posting this for anyone who really wants to join the Gebser reading, but still hasn’t been able to obtain a copy of the book.—which provides access to books and articles for academic research online—has The Ever-Present Origin in their collection. They’re legit; they have an iPhone app and everything.

It’s usually $19.95/month for access—and you cannot print or download or share access to your documents—but you can read them. And I’ve checked; it’s the exact same text as the paperback.

And there’s a coupon code to get your first month for $1: ONEBUCK.

So theoretically, $1 will get you through the first half of our reading; then if you’re really into the book and want to finish it with us, you can pay the $19.95 for the second half.

Or, your $1 first month trial could buy you enough time to get a physical copy of the book delivered ( has copies) which might be preferable in the long run since then you’ll have a copy to keep if/when you cancel your Questia account.

I hope this helps anyone who has been on the fence about joining or simply hasn’t been able to access the book.

Consider it a ​​1-month litgeeks book club trial for just a buck. 100% satisfaction guarantee! :smile:


You can also get the book at

OMG! This is perfect! This should tide me over until my physical copy comes in. THX!

This looks like a good option for me. Thanks for the tip Marco!!