Announcing Announcements

Hi everyone: If you’re signed up for Cosmos “Beta Membership,” you can now post your own announcements to share with the community here on the Infinite Conversations forum.

For general news, events, updates, and the like, please use the #announcements channel.

If it involves money—including quasi-paid offerings (i.e., “free” only as a teaser for something paid), or if it’s a job or gig offering/request or product—please use the #marketplace channel, so we can keep commercial and professional opportunities in their own swim lane.

##To Create an Announcement

1) Click the ‘+’ button to start a new topic.

2) Search or scroll down to select the ‘Announcements’ (or ‘Marketplace’) channel to post to.

3) Write your post and click ‘+Create Topic’ to submit it.

That’s it!

Note: There are no rules yet for frequency of posting, but obviously, please be resepectful of the overall space. Also note that all Announcement and Marketplace topics will automatically close after 60 days.

Thanks for this possibility!

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