Aral Balkan / Ethical Design Manifesto

“Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what it is that’s being farmed?”

This video might need to be required watching for anyone in the @Tech circle…which we can think of in terms of tech AND design (though design runs through every circle, really).

This presentation forcefully supports, expands, and deepens the argument in Part 2 (“Why Cosmos?”) of the Presenting Cosmos video—but penetrates much further, going even into questions of what constitutes the self and how a contemporary conception of the digital self should affect law and governance globally.

Good fodder, as well, for the #platformcoop movement. (@vmatekole, do you know this bloke?)


  • An ethical design manifesto

  • vs. Dark Design / Silicon Valley & Surveillance Capitalism

  • “There are no clouds; there are only other people’s computers.” (See also Jaron Lanier, “Who Owns the Future?” and “siren servers.”)

  • “Data about a thing, is the thing. Data about people, is people. Personal data is people.”

  • Systemic violation of human rights in our media-tech infrastructure.

  • All design is influence. But design without ethics is manipulation.

  • “In a democracy, corporations and governments should be transparent, and the individual should have privacy.”

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