Assistant Editors Wanted

ATTN: Writers, Readers, Artists, et al.

We need 2-3 people who can help with the operations of, InfiniteConverstaions.FM, and Untimely Books. Specifically, we need help with the following tasks:

  • Formatting new articles and manuscripts for publication
  • Finding appropriate images to accompany written work
  • Proofreading and light copy/line editing
  • Social media promotion

Skills required:

  • Strong sense of English grammar and punctuation
  • Good, timely communication
  • Borderline-obsessive attention to detail
  • Wordpress and basic HTML

An active interest in poetry, philosophy, consciousness studies, etc. is more than a plus.

This is VOLUNTEER position which might take 2–4 hours/week, and could lead to other opportunities down the road as we launch COSMOS Cooperative.

Candidates should be comfortable with the dynamics of an “emergent” organization; i.e., you need to be flexible, collaborative-minded, open to change, able to improvise.

If interested, please send a private message via the forum to @madrush [Marco V Morelli], or email

We look forward to hearing from you!


@madrush Will signal boost on FB and my networks!

Thank you, @Carmen_Leilani!

I’m willing to help out–just let me know what you still need at this point in terms of editing. And also let me know how we’re doing editorial meetings these days–it was via Google the last time, but I think that may have changed…

Sweet. Could we talk, sometime this week? We need to regroup a bit, editorially. Not sure where @Jeremy is at, but I feel the need for renewed focus.

We have a lot of good material to put out, but haven’t really thought through, in my opinion, how it contributes to a deeper conversation, or how to have the conversation more effectively.

The connections are there to be made, I believe, but we have to consider them more holistically. We need better structures, processes, and practices, but also people who care to follow through, make it happen.

In a time of media overload (much of which is toxic), we need to figure out how deliver a more wholesome experience to our readers and whatever community we have—which I hope can become stronger.

How could Metapsychosis, as a manifest of ‘collective intelligence,’ really effect consciousness?

Sure, we can talk this week–let me know the best way to get in touch with you–I’m on Facebook, if you’re there, and I think Jeremy has my contact info. This evening isn’t good, but I can work something out other days this week.
Some thoughts on restructuring might be good–I think one problem that I have (and it can be a blessing at times and a curse at others) is the need for structure and deadline. While themes have been appearing and the site is getting organized with some really interesting material, I think I find the “let’s see how it goes” element a bit daunting, as I am generally balancing a number of projects at once, but I’m excited about everything going on and want to plan to give it adequate attention. The work everyone is doing here is quite important, and a lot of good ideas are out there that need to be discussed–I’d like to see Metapsychosis reach a wider audience and be very successful.

Hi Brigid, I’ll PM you and we can work out a time. I would definitely like to bring better structure to our work. I appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to speaking soon.

Sounds good! Just let me know.