Backfeed - Social Operating System for Decentralized Organizations

Possible way to implement litcoin as a means of determining co-op equity and rewards for creative contributions.

The Backfeed protocol rewards individual contributors through the distribution of tokens and the reallocation of individual influence or reputation within a given community, based on the perceived value of their contributions to that community.

The specific rewards granted to contributors and their corresponding influence in the community are calculated automatically by the workings of the protocol (Proof of Value) and do not require any kind of central administration.

This is a good piece by Jordan.

I’m just looking now at Backfeed magazine. It’s a fascinating experiment, and it looks like it’s at a very early stage. I might really like to do something like this with the podcasting here.

Could we create a way for members to produce and upload their own conversations, which get curated by the “collective intelligence”? Could conversations spawn other conversations across channels—voice to text to video, etc.?

The curation question is very important, though. I still “believe” in the editorial function. For example, with Metapsychosis, I trust the judgement and taste of @Jeremy in a way I don’t some random person (or “crowd” of people). Even imagining a completely crowdsourced publication, how would we make it so that what appears on the home page is not merely the most popular content, but also reflects an editorial and conscious, not merely algorithmic, intelligence? Is there a role for individual intelligence we can preserve in a distributed, crowd-managed architecture?

I wonder if it would be good to try both approaches simultaneously. Metapsychosis as an individually (or small-team) curated space, and Infinite Conversations as fully crowd-curated. But could we also give individuals (or self-organized groups—which I’m calling “syndicates”) the ability to create their own “metapsychosis”—different metaphors different editorial criteria, etc.?

For example, could a member, using a set of commonly available tools (including for publishing, promotion, and monetization), create their own niche journal on the platform? A journal dedicated to ethical philosophy, for example. Or to comic books, or whatever. Just like they could create their own podcast?

As for Backfeed, I’m researching it and very curious to learn more. I might just sign up and submit an article or two to the magazine, to get a feel for how it works from the inside.