Bateson Reading Group - Video Dialogue - Week 12

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Reading Schedule

Legend : GB=Gregory Bateson’s “Steps to an Ecology of Mind” ; NB=Nora Bateson’s “Small Arcs of Larger Circles”

Week 12

GB: The Cybernetics of « Self » : A Theory of Alcoholism
GB: Comment in Part III
NB: Leadership within the Paradox of Agency
NB: Nothing’s Changed (poem)

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I reviewed this video with real pleasure. I thought we worked with a binding pattern effectively and went to meta-level. It is rare that this kind of process happens in the moment, in a public space. Thanks to Doug and Geoffrey from “staying with the trouble.” This is what I would consider an exercise in moving towards a Second Order Culture. Thanks!


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While listening & moving around my room to this Cafe’ I was Imaging this,especially when John was talking about the forest,trees & being a Participant-Observer.Thank You for this engagement of bringing some newness to the Parent-Child,Teacher-Student Polarity within Human ways of Being-Becoming!

The Feminine Caretaker of the Matrix!


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Thanks for tuning in, Michael, and for your comments. The magical pictures are appreciated. And yes, the" I " that is We are moving towards the end of this journey. The last chapters of Bateson’s book contain some of the best ecological writing. Please feel free to join our conversation. We have, alas, had a large drop out rate! This is a deep dive. not for the timid, and we die hards are still at it.


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Thank you for your feedback Michael. You stated having read Mind & Nature . . .as a co-in-spiriter and stellar reader with an “inarticulate speech of the heart” perpetually grooving out of your soul’s experience, I feel you have it in you to explicate with grace what you feel inside. Lets make it happen. Come join us for a session or two.

This conversation is one I will hold close to my heart. i do see each individual here as a potential parent/teacher/partner in deviance for myself and my children. I am serious when i state that we need to allow for the lot of you to influence our children. It takes a village and this infinite village is full of the people who can divinize the educational matter. Thank you to @Geoffrey_Edwards for assisting me in articulating what was meant by the parent/child, teacher/student dynamic. And, dear @johnnydavis54, I speak from the heart when stating: I love you and can only hope that all children of the planet have a glimpse into the soul that you hold dear for this Earth and its children. Please will you consider rearing my children from afar? The virtual is augmenting our reality and you are at the core. Please consider this offer, in all seriousness.

This confession goes out to all. What are we capable of as a collective?