Bateson Reading Group - Video Dialogue - Week 14

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Gregory Bateson, Steps to an Ecology of Mind
Nora Bateson, Smaller Arcs of Larger Circles
Session #14 :

Readers Underground participants:

Geoffrey Edwards
Michael Stumpf
Johnny Davis
Douglas Duff

Recorded 11 April 2019

Reading Discussed:

GB: Problems in Cetacean and Other Mammalian Communication
NB: Reckless (poem)
NB: Non Trivial Economy

GB: A Re-examination of ‘Bateson’s Rule’
GB: Comment on Part IV
NB: Liminal (poem)
NB: An Ecology of Hurt

N.B. Please note that there will be a hiatus in the readings between April 23rd and May 20th (four seances) after which the readings will continue again for the final part of the books.

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someone is on the Zoomline with more sway than Cosmos Host so it auto-kicked us off. . . I will see if we can use a different line . . . if not . . .ill keep you posted!

I started it again doug

Though I fully support UBI, this article by Rushkoff provides a new perspective that promotes Universal Basic Assets and warns to be on the lookout for who is really interested in UBI . . . if Amazon and Google fully support UBI, we may want to dig in a bit and question why:

The Commons-based approach UBA (Universal Basic Assets):

Another great discussion and always a a slight tic-of-disappointment in my right shoulder when they come to a close . . . so much remains left unsaid!


The Trickster was fucking with us today!


@Geoffrey_Edwards @Michael_Stumpf @johnnydavis54 @Douggins - Thanks for these recordings and the stimulating discussion. I look forward to (hopefully!) making more of the calls for the final part of the book. It’s a wonderful thing that you’re doing here - keeping the legacy of Bateson’s ideas alive in this way! :slight_smile: