Bateson Reading Group - Video Dialogue - Week 17

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Recorded 30 May 2019

Reading Discussed

Week 17

GB: Form, substance and difference
GB: Comment on Part V
NB: What do you see when you look at her face? How is she feeling now?
NB: Stop that Thing You Do (poem)


Hi I’m sorry but I can’t make it today, I’m not very well so haven’t been able to do the reading :frowning:
I hope it’s a great and productive conversation, I will listen back to the audio over the weekend.


Sorry we missed you @artex and @Michael_Stumpf. The video will be processed tomorrow; for now the link is above along with the audio download option. Wishing you all well!


Great conversational Art ,Doug,Geoffrey,& John. Plan on being there next week.

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Who was the Jungian/Gebserian scholar that Geoffrey mentioned? What is the author and the title of the book? Thanks!

Nathan Schwartz-Salant

This is the book Geoffrey referred to:

Haven’t listened to this episode, but Gebser is referenced somewhere.

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