Bateson Reading Group - Video Dialogue - Week 18

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Recorded 6 June 2019

Reading Discussed

Legend : GB=Gregory Bateson’s “Steps to an Ecology of Mind” ; NB=Nora Bateson’s “Small Arcs of Larger Circles”

Week 18

GB: From Versailles to Cybernetics
NB: Ecology of Love (poem)
NB: Parts & Wholes, Hope & Horror


About the Patriarchy. You can’t have a patriarchy without a matriarchy. This is an observation of Margaret Mead. She also claimed there was no such thing as a total Patriarchy or a total Matriarchy, so our debates and debacles get muddy really quickly when we try to argue from different psycho-semantic spaces?

Half of every man’s ancestors are female. Half of every woman’s ancestors are male.

Sons and Daughters have troubles with Father. Sons and daughters have trouble with Mother.

Sons and Daughters have trouble with brothers and sisters, not to mention lovers who may be gay, straight, bi, down low, queer…

I think we need to give attention to all of these voices, both the heard and unheard.

Spirits, leave me alone to complete the business of this life and I will never forget you!

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Thank U John for bringing forth those distinctions. With that; three books which speak to this “Diverse Bodies,Diverse Practices,Don Hamlin Johnson” & Oppression and the Body,Christine Caldwell/also latest Bodyfulness";these books speak to Oppressive systems affects-effects on Bodies on both sides …the Oppressor/Oppressed & the differences of Body Awareness…This is a human & individual condition that interpenetrates our lived experience in this life.

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They sure do, and as we give voice to these interpenetrations we find we are in many places at the same time! We are walking wave forms. And what we often perceive as our private griefs are not really our own, although we register the size and the shape through our body-minds-mattering.

Perhaps a future Cafe topic? I wonder if we can find a small essay or video of one of the great somatic thinkers working today? Maybe we can do something experiential? I have a propensity for somatic exercises but they require a lot of shared attention and we are way too ungrounded. Worth thinking about, Michael. Thanks.

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A Interview with Christine Caldwell & her latest book ;Bodyfulness:Somatic Practicies For Presence,Empowerment & Waking Up in this Life. I like her Four Essential Body Functions ; Sensing,Breathing,Moving,& Relating and Bodyfulness-“Attention During Action”. A Deeper Affective Zone yet inclusive of embodiment, of including the entanglement of inside-outside,at least that’s my working understanding & seems to interweave with our interest?


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I’ve just realised that I can’t be present for the Bateson meeting this week - I have an all day conference on Thursday. I think I’m going potty - I should have realized the time conflict ages ago. You (@johnnydavis54, @Douggins, @Michael_Stumpf) can meet without me, or skip the week, up to you. I don’t mind either way…


I am open to whatever the group wants to do. I know Michael was leading this week. If we can postpone that is fine with me as I like to keep our ensemble as cohesive as possible.

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I am good with the ensemble cohesiveness staying in place,plus I get to stay in the Imaginal-Iiminal Zone with the Text.A glimpse of It’s Affect as of today…

We Are Talking about Week #19 Right?

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