Bateson Reading Group - Video Dialogue - Week 19

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Reading Schedule

Legend : GB=Gregory Bateson’s “Steps to an Ecology of Mind” ; NB=Nora Bateson’s “Small Arcs of Larger Circles”

Week 19

GB: Pathologies of Epistemology
NB: Symmathesy
NB: Integrity (poem)

GB: The Roots of Ecological Crisis
NB: Who Are We Now?
NB: Film-making in the Tidepools


Please note @artex and others who may attend: the session is cancelled for 13 June 2019 Week 19’s material will be discussed on 20 June 2019 . Week 20 and Week 21 have been combined and will occur 27 June 2019. . . hope this doesnt put you in a . . .bind!

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