Bateson Reading Group - Video Dialogue - Week 7


(Marco V Morelli) #1

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Reading Schedule

Legend : GB=Gregory Bateson’s “Steps to an Ecology of Mind” ; NB=Nora Bateson’s “Small Arcs of Larger Circles”

Week 7

GB: Metalogue : About Games and Being Serious
GB: A Theory of Play and Fantasy
NB: Crispy Dry Moods (poem)
NB: It Goes Without Saying


Martin Gardner - Scientific American articles on games
Brian Massumi - What Animals Teach Us
Davor Loffler - Generative Realities
Jeffrey Kripal
Geoffrey Edwards - research paper on visual relations and images of extraction
Richard Grossinger - shamanic healing

(john davis) #2

where is the link!?

(Marco V Morelli) #3

Gone missing! But retrieved, hopefully not too late. Post corrected.

(Geoffrey Edwards) #4

My apologies! My hard disk saturated, my system crashed, and since I was host, I think it booted everyone out. But we were coming up to some kind of an ending anyway! As I say, next time I will be late… But it was a great discussion, @johnnydavis54 and @Douggins, one of the most important ones we’ve had, I think…

(Douglas Duff) #5

A recent poetic interlude from Nora: Peripheral … has significance as we etch a language beyond these borders.

I am the moment where you wonder if the threads will come together.