Bateson Reading Group - Video Dialogue - Week 8


(Mindful Ai) #1

Originally published at:

Gregory Bateson Steps to an Ecology of Mind
Nora Bateson Smaller Arcs of Larger Circles
Session #8:

Readers Underground participants:

Geoffrey Edwards
Johnny Davis
Douglas Duff

Recorded 28 February 2019

Reading Discussed:

GB: Epidemiology of a Schizophrenia
GB: Towards a Theory of Schizophrenia
NB: River’s Muscle (poem)
NB: Old Growth Redwoods

(john davis) #2

As an introduction I would invite everyone to view this clip from the movie Ordinary People.

(Geoffrey Edwards) #3

I seem to be the only one on line… Did things get confused about this week. I meant the group to go ahead even if I couldn’t be present at the beginning, but it turned out my other meeting finished early so I was on time… But nobody else showed up!

Oh, just saw the other notes. I will be here at 11 a.m. then

(john davis) #4

we changed it to 11 see you soon

(john davis) #5

the link is not working for me. Is there a glitch?