Bubbles – Call-in Instructions for Live Conversations

Hi everyone,

In case you didn’t see the email that went out this morning, here is where you can find the call-in instructions for our upcoming calls:


The first convo is on 4/27 at 12 pm MDT. Subsequent calls will occur at the same time every other week.

We are using Zoom video conference system and you’ll just need to enter your email the first time to register for these conferences. This will let me know more or less how many to expect and manage the calls accordingly.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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Hi Marco
With regret I cannot join you all tomorrow!
Next time…
Good luck!

OK, Josepha, no worries. Maybe next time!

Hi Marco. Unfortunately I’m in grad school at the moment, and have work commitments on top of that, so am not certain I will be able to make the call-ins, although would like to try, when possible. If/when possible, can you tell me when the videos of the talks will be posted, and how to access these?

Thanks very much,


I wish I could have attended the reading - but hopefully will still be able to review it?
As it is, in starting “Bubbles” I was expecting…hoping…to be enthralled with new thought and vision . I had even bought a new journal (but for a few lines, remains empty) and sorry to say, find Sloterdijk’s writing for me is like canned cherry-pie filling - lots of heavy starch and cloying filler, but with no taste of real freshness!
Maybe it gets better…

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@andy.kessler and @Josepha: We’re processing the video and audio from yesterday, and it will be posted in the forum soon.

Josepha, I think you’re in the same boat with @achronon, and I wonder if it’s just a matter of “taste.” I personally so far really enjoy Sloterdijk’s approach and writing style, but we’ll see how it goes. It can be valuable to read something even when you don’t “like” it to learn why it affects you the way it does. Likewise, it can be misleading to judge the value a work by the immediate gratification it provides, as it might not offer lasting substance in the end. We shall see!

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I totally agree Marco and will keep at it!


Yes, Sloterdijk is very much a “form” guy, and as I mentioned in the online discussion, I see a lot of that in his book. But my still unanswered question is, Can we expect a bit more substance along the line? I’m doubtful that philosophy – which Sloterdijk himself claims this work is – can survive on form alone.

But I like Josepha’s image even better: cherry-pie filling! Too much of that gooey starchy stuff can make you sick, y’know. :smiling_imp:

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