Business Model Canvas

(Unfortunately, the forum doesn’t do tables like this one, so this is hosted on Google Drive.)


Following my tradition with your writing, I flag just the phrases that i don’t understand. So here is one: “algorithmic presentation to users”. If I use a “heart”, it means I read it all, btw :). I’ve taken some notes /questions, and will write them up soon.

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Here are some notes I promised I would write up. may or may not be coherent – I am also engaged with the psychotherapy professional aspect of my career right now, and not entirely sure how all of this fits together. Trusting it will.

-How to deal with the fact that “everyone wants their content to be free”? You raised this yourself with the question: “for what value are our customers really willing to pay?”
-related to this, and your wise attention to attention itself, might it be worth getting listed with Brave Browser? They are new browser, focused on privacy, with a great name, and a token called BAT – Basic Attention Token. Publishers of content can get listed with them so that it is easier for BAT tokens to flow to them.

-What sort of metrics is Discourse already providing back to administrators?
-What is the relationship, or not, of Cosmos and it’s offerings to academia? E.g. the book club offerings are really at the level of graduate seminars, and via a partnership with Ubiquity University, might people get university credit for participating at a verified level of engagement?
-What/what exactly is Mindful AI? Assuming it is actually a bot, where can I learn a bit more about it?
-How are the “artist agency” – more of an Upper-left quadrant focus – and the “social media platform” – more of a lower-left quadrant focus – differentiated and integrated?
-For the marketplace, might something like ShareTribe be employed, and/or should Marketplace be left for another initiative?

Kindest regards.

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I LOVE these questions, @DurwinFoster, and your impetus to make some of the proposed direction more tangible by linkage with real emerging tools, utilities and initiatives right now. Very valuable! (If I had a hundred Litcoin… some would be flowing your way!) :slight_smile:

@madrush would you be willing to collaborate on addressing some of these questions? The Business Model Canvas, serving as a kind of brief overview, is one of the more important documents to receive our collective efforts immediately, IMO… lemme know your thoughts on how to address/discuss/iterate.

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The Business Model Canvas is looking good to me…but there is a lot there to review. If you believe this should get priority attention, would it be the right time to have a small group session where we can discuss it piece by piece? How can we get to a working version that everyone (who is invested in the process) feels reflects our best collective wisdom?

I would prefer to reply to Durwin’s questions in a meeting, since I’m feeling a bit pressed for time at the moment to write out detailed responses. But they are good questions and ideas. They also dovetail with another request I’ve gotten from Caroline, to map our various ‘spaces of exchange.’ I would like to try to address these questions all together to save time.

For example, I could make time on Monday afternoon to start working through the issues. If there’s a way we can turn them into discreet cases or ‘user stories’ which could be addressed and resolved, or somehow tracked one by one, as part of a development process with a road map leading to progressive realization of the overall vision, that would be ideal.

Perhaps each question could be its own topic, in a dedicated channel for all such topics, where we can tag items by their status—e.g., “open,” “needs work,” “complete,” “priority.” We also do still have access to Taiga for project management, if we want to use that. But the forum is already being used, and wouldn’t require yet another user account and interface to keep track of.

Can we ‘chunk down’ into bite-size issues that can be discussed (if necessary) and resolved, so that we begin to see as clarity and definition become apparent by working things through? I hope that’s not too avoidant of the topic at hand! But I realize we are dealing with a lot of complexity, and I feel it will be important to take things one at a time, mindfully, with a sense for how each fits within the whole. What’s the lightest structure we would need for the overall process?

@madrush Thank you! Yes, I remember we had discussed turning open questions into a workflow using Taiga to manage them and to engage multiple parties in answering them. I would love to return to that idea, and to return to a focused discussion involving responding to each of the subjects raised in your comment and in Durwin’s questions. And I agree that we can make some focused time for this urgently. However, unfortunately I am not available Monday. My most available days to jump in this week are Thursday and Friday–I’m out and about some or all of Monday thru Wednesday. I’m going to pm you about this and other things, and hopefully there we can lock in a date/time and then promote open invitation to anyone.

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let me know if that Thursday meeting is open.

Hi Durwin, we talked about it being open, but focusing at first on refreshing the dialogue between Caroline and me. Here is a Zoom link for today at 12 pm Mountain: Launch Meeting - Zoom.