Caroline's Needs & Offers in 2018


(Caroline Savery) #1

Hello! I want to share with this community an experimental and open-ended framework I built in Google Drive for communicating information about my needs and offers, and invite you to comment (in the spreadsheet) or send me a message (here is fine!) if you see potential overlap.

My overarching goal of fostering more outside-of-money meaningful relationships. I’m talking trust-based economy: actually having and developing the trust of working together with hand-picked people. Many potential exchanges are appropriate for people local to me (Denver, Colorado), but nevertheless…

There’s also an emphasis on permaculture practice and study, but if you see opportunity for an exchange that pertains to creative production, do reach out :slight_smile:

You can comment in the spreadsheet directly (commenting accessibility is universal) with your name & contact info, or message me: care_save.


(douglas duff) #2

This was another one of those posts that I loved and neglected to provide response. I love this, the shading, the recognition of skills that may go unnoticed as skills.

About the only fun fact I can provide for you is: If growing vegetables in containers and having issue with keeping up with pests, certain pests, such as flea beetles and other jumping insects, can be thwarted by elevating the plant to a table or higher spot. This worked great for my eggplants last year…hardly related to permaculture, or your listed interests, but nonetheless useful.