[CC] Dev Meeting – Caroline & Marco – 2016.10.27 [RAW AUDIO, UNEDITED]

Caroline Savery and Marco V Morelli in a co-op planning meeting, discussing core philosophy and organizational design for Cosmos Cooperative.

This is raw, unedited audio. Not a podcast(!)
Length: 3 hrs 8 minutes


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In response to a couple queries sent privately from @JimT (copying my responses here for “the record.”)

I’m ambivalent about the “salon” concept only because it carries some aristocratic/bourgeois “airs.” Perhaps not the radicalness I identify with. (Speaking of political correctness.) This is why I prefer the “creative studio” approach, which I think speaks more to working artists. (The image of the art studio in college, with all the BFA/MFA students sharing the open space, common resources and materials, the mess of their work in progress, still speaks to me.)

But I do like the salon idea, and have a couple friends who run what seem like quite artistically serious, yet friendly and enjoyable local salons, where they do music and readings, etc. Especially for a wider community, something like this would be good.

After the election, perhaps, it would be a good idea to open up a conversation about politics, and see what we might be able to shake out in the aftermath of this last cycle. I wonder if we could actually use this space to host and cultivate generative political debate. Not just people taking sides and broadcasting their opinions, but actually inquiring into the good, true, and beautiful in a collaborative manner, honing our individual clarity and resolve for meaningful action.

I’m interested specifically in developing the idea of “creative democracy.” But it will take some thought to do this well. However, I’m very interested in civil political discourse, and more than willing to question my assumptions. We’d have to get specific, though—dance with the devil in the details—of course :slight_smile: :v:

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Thoughts in response to listening:

Less Facebook/Newsbits, et al, opens more space and time for being present to the present…is exactly my experience since I started a media fast some months ago. More creativity, more presence, and definitely happier!

Deliberately not doing the habitual thing, as Marco said, is important part of learning to live in presence, live interaction with whatever is around us, human and more than human. As a practice (discipline) it is also “fun” to experiment with life by choosing other than by habit/compulsion/fear.

“Appropriate structure”, ie good rules=useful rules “protect and free up” as Caroline says. Limits (so hated in American culture) are actually essential to creativity and to a truly good (good as in true/beautiful, and good as in a mostly joyful) life.

In a Co-op situation, what we most want is to enhance connection…while accomplishing our main goals. EG, food co-op wants to educate and motivate members as well as sell food, wants to support local farmers and crafts people, support politically compatible orgs, enable groups to network, etc. I’ve been a member of a food co-op for more than 40 years, also now a member of a Community Credit Union. As far as I can see, the cooperative model works for pretty much every organizational “vision” except …an exclusive focus on money-making.

One thing that occurs to me just now: support for “outliers” those who don’t fully fit into the cooperative structure, whatever it may be, but who definitely want to be part of it. Matters a lot to me that those people/aspects be actively encouraged as a resource, in the same way that this happens in the natural world: odd talents/gifts are treasure for the circumstances we don’t foresee: eg, a plant that opens its seeds after being burned, might seem unnecessary for a thriving forest…until after a fire happens!

Socioeconomic/demographic: white/kinda affluent/well educated/30s or older? What I see, is the most active people on the forum don’t tend to fit this description. Eg myself: non-white (non-white, identify with maternal Eastern Band Tsalagi origins, as well as Irish/Welsh lineages) definitely not affluent, not “young”, mostly self-educated, live in lower-income, mixed neighborhood, a parent…etc)

What does “indigenous” mean: deep and permanent connection with the land, wildlife, water, etc and the stories that arise from and feed that world as you say, Caroline, “other is self”. So I agree that healing from loss of all this is part of what I hope for re: Comos.

When our local Community Service District meets, a formal public acknowledgement is always made re: the land/ndigenous people of this area.
What about the many who are mixtures of indigenous and settler culture? How do we recognize that when we make a binary between settler VIZ indigenous?

The “artistic disposition” actively wants to heal splits and obscurities through the work that comes through us. The “collective dream” calls us to respond…
Healing: “telling the truth” , " resolving conflicts" and I would add regeneration of our ongoing sources of shared strength.

Eno’s Scenius: collective genius that is the actual source of artistic/intellectual discoveries. VS the lone heroic genius story which is constantly repeated in modern culture. “Constellations” : self-organized intelligences/geniuses (like starling murmurations)

What does “successful” really mean re: being an artist? I am personally very tired of money and “fame” being the measures of success!

“Inspiration is the gravity that ties people together” (Caroline)

Music of the Spheres: Pythagoras! And before that, it appears in at least some indigneous cultural visions, including the concept of Lila or the creative play/dance of the Universe and Om the sound that creates and animates everything. In the beginning, was/is the Song! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,

Gonna post this as Part One!

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