Co-op Shop Talk – 3/28, 12 PM Mountain Time

Check it out, we have events pages now on the website.

Come join us if you’d like to talk w/ @care_save and me about what we’re up to here.

Past recordings will be going up soon, and this one too if you can’t make it and would like to catch up. But it’s more fun live. :eyes:

Some topics we might discuss today:

  • Beta Membership
  • Readers Underground: Spheres, Shantaram
  • / Web development / Automation
  • Welcome email
  • Logo
  • Community Guides
  • - podcasting, community audio
  • Mind to Mind podcast
  • Sponsorship

Hey everyone, if you missed this call and would like to catch up, here is the (raw and unedited) recording:

We had @care_save , myself, and @wronitz briefly on the call, and covered pretty much all the topics listed above.