Co-op Shop Talk – 4/4, 12 PM Mountain Time

Next community shop talk with @care_save and @madrush is on Tuesday.

If you’e co-op curious, this is the perfect time to ask your questions about Cosmos. If you can’t make it, you can leave questions or comments below and we’ll address them during the call.

Recordings from earlier calls available here:


and here:

I might be able to make the call. I wanted to put my question out to you in the meantime. My question is regarding the production studio component, and wanting to learn a bit more what that will look like, and what sorts of productions are envisioned could be produced?

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This meeting is coming up in 40 minutes.

We haven’t advertised it to our list or social channels (will likely start next week), so not sure if anyone will see this or show up, but if you’re one of our new co-op members, you’re welcome to join us for the call.

We’ll address Durwin’s question above (as best we can), as well as cover the new Readers Underground book groups, progress on the beta membership roll-out, and next milestones our road map.

Talk to you soon!

A more formal agenda:

  • Check-ins, his and hellos (5 minutes)
  • Updates from Caroline and Marco, dialogue (20 minutes)
  • Community Q&A, dialogue, (20 minutes)
  • Project updates & announcements (10 minutes)
  • Anything goes / ciao (5 minutes)


  • Readers Underground book groups
  • Spheres
  • Shantaram
  • Progress on the beta membership roll-out, welcome new members
  • Production plans (Durwin ?)
  • Next milestones on our road map
  • Sponsorship
  • Marketplace
  • What else are we working on now?
  • Caroline’s podcast and writings

Hello there,
I missed that call because I was in a healing session at the time. I think I had mentioned previously, Marco, my interest in integral health, as well.

No worries, Durwin. I should have the audio up soon, and I can highlight the clip where we discuss ‘production’, if you want to hear what we discussed.

I would like to listen to it, yes. Thanks, Marco.

Hi Durwin,

The part about production starts around 16:40. Sorry if it’s a bit rambling. On the whole, this recording is probably less well organized than previous ones…but we’re learning as we go.


I did tag on some music, just for fun, to make it more podcast-y.

Thanks for your question,

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