Co-op Shop Talk – Tuesday 2/28, 12 pm Mountain Time

Hi everyone,

Caroline and I are starting a series of weekly meetings to talk about Cosmos Co-op. We’re calling it (informally) “shop talk,” which just means we’re going to talk about what we’re doing as a community, share info, answer questions, get feedback, and generally get organized. Please join us if you’d like to participate!

We will record these meetings and post them here in the forum, so you can listen later if you can’t make the meeting time and wish to catch up.

Each meeting will also have its own thread for building the agenda and follow-up discussion. (Like this one.)

The first Co-op Shop Talk meeting is this Tuesday 2/28 at 12 pm Mountain Time. We’re using the Zoom video conferencing system and will meet for 60 minutes. Here are the call-in details:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +16465588656,573718689# or +14086380968,573718689#

Or Telephone:

###Time Zone Conversion


  • Upcoming reading groups & more live conversations
  • Plans for developing our dev team, inviting new contributors
  • Other items TBD…

##Before the Meeting:

Visit, watch the intro video, and read the About page.

Anything to add, @care_save?

Talk to everybody soon!


Hey everyone- just a quick update on this event. @care_save and I are going to experiment with something different than a regular “meeting.”

Instead, we’re going to approach these weekly hangouts as a podcast / internet radio show where we talk about the life of a start-up co-op for writers, artists, et al. We want to try to be transparent about the inner workings and problems we’re grappling with, while at the same time talking about our about visions, plans, and accomplishments as a community.

Any ‘member’ can join the live call, and we’ll format it in a way that lets Caroline and I (or whoever ends up hosting the show) talk big picture, but then open it up for questions and conversation with community members and invited guests.

I have the faintest sketch of a format in mind, so this will change, but here are the kinds of topics we might go into each week:

  • What’s new in the co-op?
  • What’s the biggest challenge we’re facing, and how are we dealing with it?
  • What’s the best thing we’ve read / seen / done all week?
  • News from the larger platform co-op / new economy world
  • Q&A, community discussion
  • Announcements

Probably, Caroline and I will talk for the first 20 minutes or so, then we’ll open it up. We’ll try to keep it moving, informative, and fun.

When you join the Zoom call, you will be on mute, but please use the “raise your hand” feature or chat window to share comments and questions, so we can call on you to join the conversation at the right time.

If possible, use a dedicated microphone, not your built-in computer mic, so we get decent sound quality.

Again, these will be recorded, very minimally edited, and posted on as well as here in the forum.

We hope the show provides an easy way for people to tune in to what’s going on in our various projects across the co-op, as well as a window for those who are interested in and/or starting their own social enterprises and creative communities to be inspired by our example, and learn from our mistakes. :smile:

Hope you’ll join us live, or listen later!

Hi guys,

Zoom doesn’t seem to launch properly for me…unable to join by link…have tried two browsers…message is

"The page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

Ug, sorry @bradsayers. Let’s troubleshoot ahead of the next meeting. I’m submitting a support request to Zoom right now, reporting your error message.

I have a feeling you might want to try deleting or uninstalling, and then re-installing the app.

I’ll let you know what Zoom says, too.

It appears to be a network issue…

Aidan Crosbie (Zoom Support Center)
Feb 28, 13:17 PST

Hi there,

Due to issues with Amazon S3 various Zoom services are impacted including Profile Pictures, Cloud Recordings, IM file transfer, IM Pictures.

Initially, the S3 issue impacted starting and joining webinars as well as downloading the clients. At this time, we currently have a workaround in place for joining and starting meetings, as well as downloading the application from the web site - these services should be working as normal. Once the Amazon S3 service has been fully restored, we will revert back to S3 for the join and download services.

We are still currently investigating this issue and will provide updates at

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.

Zoom Support Agent

wow…cosmos knocks over amazon…

lol, the singularity is near.

Did a recording happen for this one @madrush? Trying to track down the link to view before the next one on March 7th.

Hi Charles (and everyone)—sorry for the delay on this. I had meant to get it live last week, and you know how it goes…

Will definitely try to improve the workflow for getting these up; it would be great to have a production assistant to help with light edits and sharing.

(Also testing out Spreaker podcasting service for file hosting/embedding…)

Edit: Adding source:

I want to zoom in today. Have the technical difficulties have been ironed

Hi @johnnydavis54- I think we have to skip it this week. I’m still in bed with a fever, aches, chills, etc. My daughter had the same flu and it took her 3 or 4 days to regain her energy. I just had another miserable night of coughing fits.

But maybe we could do something on Friday? I should be better by then…

To get this community active, I have been thinking we could do a couple live “shows” a week. One would focus on the co-op itself—joys and struggles, challenges, etc.—and the other more generally on culture—movies, books, ideas, etc.

The tech issue were temporary and due to a bug that affected many internet services. As far as I’m aware, those have been ironed out.

Yes , Marco, I love that idea. Janus faced, we are looking inward and
looking outward at the same time. I think we can weave together our
personal struggles and perhaps triumphs in the webs of culture we are each
of us working through, the books, movies, events that excite us the most
and then also reflect on how the new group’s identity emerges, allowing
the affinities/imbalances to emerge, cross fertilizing between dimensions.
What fun. Friday would be good.

I do hope you and your daughter recover quickly from the flu. Like taxes to
be paid, we sometimes have to do the dance with the microbial world,
updating our species, in a wide embrace. Get rest my friend and drink lots
of liquids!

Hi John, I’ve been convalescing in fits and starts. I spent Tuesday in bed, had a couple good, wakeful hours on Wednesday, and a few more yesterday; and this morning I feel even better, though still a bit weak and almost ghostly in moments. I haven’t been this sick in years! I can’t remember the last time I spent more than a day in bed. But this flu has really had me laid out; a microbial dance indeed. It takes billions to tango!

I’m sure it was needed on some level, and even appreciated by my cells, organs, and systems, giving them a chance to flush out deadened material accumulated over the winter; only partially killing me, clearing the way for me to grow stronger.

However, as a result I’ve been lagging on things I wanted to get done, or get going, earlier. For example, I couldn’t muster the psychic or physical oomph to schedule the talk for this Friday (today). I apologize for that. However, while I’ve got some juice this morning, I’m going to reschedule it for next week. That will be two meetings, then. Both of Janus’ faces.

Hopefully you can make one of those! I will post details forthwith, while I have the juice.

I’m glad to hear you are better and I look forward to joining one of the
meetings. I have more time now because my lady passed away on Monday. That
was a very profound experience, I was with her as she made her transition
and I need to clean up my psychic zones for I have a lot of leaky margins
and open tears, and I need some time to clear and repair my aura. I’m
getting assistance, for I’m taking a very useful course at the
International Academy of Consciousness, a real good place with a scientific
orientation, and lots of techniques and a post metaphysical orientation. I
can now take some time to catch up on my reading.I’m studying Richard
Grossinger-do you know him? He is a very odd and interesting thinker.More
about him later. So much to study and re-study. We will talk soon and
welcome back!

Dear Johnny, I’m so sorry to hear about Bettelle. You’ve often mentioned how much she has meant to you. I am glad you were able be there with her at the end; I know she could not have had a better usher holding her hand as she exited this particular theater of concerns.

The International Academy of Consciousness looks like they’re doing some good work, and I’m glad it’s been helpful for you, as especially at this time.

I am familiar with Richard Grossinger. I found one of his books in a taco shop once and enjoyed reading a few pages while eating my fish taco, and intended to read more, as he felt like a kindred spirit. Then Jeremy gave me a review copy of his childhood memoir, New Moon, but I got bored after a few pages. It’s a thick book and maybe I just need to give it another chance, but I think there are probably better entry points. The book in the taco shop was called The Bardo of Waking Life, and was more free-form and inventive in its reflections on the human condition.

Grossinger founded North Atlantic Books, which has published some excellent titles, including JF Martel’s Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice, through the Evolver Editions imprint.

Looking forward to talking next week!