Co-working sessions to collaborate on Cosmos

(Marco V Morelli) #1

Weekly Productivity Jam Session in Real-Virtual Space

The idea comes out of my last conversation with @care_save and @Douggins, in response to the felt need for a dedicated (ritual) time when we could work out technical and systematic details relating to Cosmos.

We discussed a mapping project to describe our relational ecosystem, spaces, and actors, and the need for database design, if we are going to display the data dynamically using Hence the need for a dedicated time when we could hash out our logics and actually do the implementation work.

Similar work could be designed and accomplished on technology systems, forum organization, web design, Litcoin development, praxis documentation…fun! In general, methinks we should work on items from our #co-op:priorities-proposals channel. However, since we’re just getting started and this is another iterative experiment, I think we can begin by establishing some simple patterns of interaction.

Let us imagine Cosmos Coworking like a DIO (Do It Ourselves) Maker space, where anyone can come to learn and help us work on the future of Cosmos. In general, resources and attention will flow to our priorities, but one can also use the time to try new things out—there is an imaginary sandbox space for tinkering activities.

The session will last for 3 hours, beginning and ending with short meetings for announcements, questions, feedback, and coordinating what wants to be done, amongst whom. These should not be long, exploratory, or visionary meetings (we can save for those for another time) but practical and problem-solving, related to tasks at hand.

Of course, anyone can come late, leave early, or stay late. Let’s just have some discreet check-in and check-out procedures via the forum, text, or video. Let’s create pattern templates for doing these sessions which can be replicated.

We will have a forum topic for session-specific notes; a chat channel for quick exchanges; an open video channel or breakout rooms. We should keep a paper trail for what gets done, and who’s done what, and how things are progressing—that way it’s easy to pick up where we left off in the next session, and newcomers can more easily get up to speed.

I can commit to be present most weeks on Monday from 2- 5pm Mountain time. It’s likely @kayla can also often be there. (We can alternate attending to the kids, depending on what needs to get done.) Would this be a good time for others? I think Caroline said she could do a Monday afternoon time. Anyone else interested and available during this window? Doug? @KPr2204? @DurwinFoster?

KPr2204: What is the EDT? I work 8 hour shifts (online) the next few Mondays, but I could pop in during my breaks. Specifically with a process template for “Starting a Readers Underground Interactive Book Club” using the Zoom resource (with assistance).

Doug states: “2-5 (4-7 EDT) will work on a very rare occasion. This is prime family time. Some chance of listening in or making appearances for specific goal/b-storming sessions bits. I don’t mind working on projects that spin out of the convos.

Reading Suggestions
(Marco V Morelli) #2

Hmm…I wonder if there are days/times that would work better for folks. Shall we try a poll?

Good times for weekly cooperative co-working session for you would be:

(Check all that apply.)

  • Monday 12-3 pm MT (Mountain Time)
  • Monday 2-5 pm MT
  • Tuesday 9 am -12 pm MT
  • Wednesday 9 am-12 pm MT ÂŞ
  • Wednesday 1-4 pm MT Âş
  • Thursday 10 am -1 pm MT *
  • Thursday 1-4 pm MT *

0 voters

Date/time converter:

ÂŞ = there may be reading groups meeting during this time
Âş = there is a Metapsy editorial call in the middle of this block, so I would step away for that unless it gets rescheduled
* = would have to work in or reschedule @corealizers Thursday call

^^ These are times that could work for me (and Kayla too, mostly); your results may vary. If there is the interest, other times blocks could be arranged. I might not be able to participate, but if we establish good communication procedures, it should be possible to keep everyone in the loop, even if various sub-groups are meeting at different times.

You don’t have be tagged above to reply. If you would like to help out, please feel free to respond the poll to register your interest.

(Caroline Savery) #3

Sounds good, Marco! I’m ready and raring to go on any of the specific Cosmos dev. topics. First up to bat: partners, allies and ecosystem, if we can swing it!

Do you need any help implementing the above? I presume all the functions you describe would take place on the forum?

(Marco V Morelli) #4

Hi Caroline,

Why don’t we Cosmos Chat again? It’s working here: - you may need to reset your password.

And we can use this Zoom line:

There are some other tools we could also use—some kind of shared whiteboard would be nice.

Today, actually, I could do 2-5 pm (or rather, 4:30)…but next week, it looks like maybe the Monday 12-3pm time would be best? Let’s see who else votes. It’s only been a couple days since the poll has been up…

(Katina Press) #5

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Are the above listed MT schedules converted to EDT as follows?

Mondays: (EDT)
- 2pm - 5pm
- 4pm - 7pm

Tuesdays: (EDT)
- 11am - 2pm

Wednesdays: (EDT)
- 11am - 2pm
- 3pm - 6pm

Thursdays: (EDT)
- 12pm - 3pm
- 3pm - 6pm

Please confirm the aligned EDTs before I can submit my availability. Thank you!

(Marco V Morelli) #6

Yes, those adjustments are correct.

(Katina Press) #7

OKay, I get it - (I am 2 hours AHEAD of you all).

My submitted availability applies from the final week of Oct. 2018 into Nov. 2018.

(Katina Press) #8

Is there a Co-op Work session scheduled for today?

(Marco V Morelli) #9

I can be available starting at 2 pm MDT / 4 pm EDT today. However, I will need to leave a little earlier than I said above, closer to 3:30 MDT today. Next time I can reserve the entire block.

(Katina Press) #10

It’s Friday. It there a Co-working open session today? If so, what time?

Sorry! My Bad!

(Marco V Morelli) #11

It’s Friday! :smile:

(Katina Press) #12

Is the next one on Monday? From 12pm - 3pm MT?

(Marco V Morelli) #13

Yes, we will be meeting at that time. If you can join us, please do!

(Katina Press) #14

Is there a second Co-Op Jam on Monday from 2pm til 5pm (MT)? If so, I can attend some of that session (as, I am already attending the “Alternate Dream…” ZoomCast at 12pm and then I log on to work.) during my breaks throughout my online scoring shift.

(Marco V Morelli) #15

Hi Katina, I could do 12-3 or 2-5 Mountain time tomorrow (Monday). I believe @care_save will be joining from 12-3, not sure about @Douggins.

If you can’t make it tomorrow, shall we try another time this week? Perhaps you, @Douggins, and I can meet specifically to hash out praxis templates for the Readers Underground reading groups and Cosmos Café sessions?

I started a draft post for the former here:

And Doug’s text here I feel is a good start on the latter: Postformal Pedagogies and Complex Futures [10/30]

Cosmos Café is a weekly virtual dialogue series that focuses on deep questions of cosmology, consciousness, and culture. Our conversations are designed (and intended) to be open-ended, inclusive, and creative—going nowhere in particular (or seemingly everywhere) yet arriving at the heart of the matter over time. These are performative experiments in cooperative intelligence, grounded in deep reading, mutual listening, embodied experience, and speaking our minds!

Each week, members of the Café crew put their minds together (if only, to take them apart) to discuss an organically chosen topic from the frothy ideas bubbling up on the Infinite Conversations forum. Sometimes we invite special guests, or try creative experiments in sense-making and conversational practice. If you’re following our sessions and would like to offer feedback or make a suggestion, we’re open to ideas. If you’d like to join the conversation, we’d love to hear from you! Please add your thoughts on any topic here on the forum—or message the @ccafe crew to get in touch.

(Caroline Savery) #16

I didn’t notice we’d moved the time to 12-3pm MT on Mondays. I have a call I scheduled in advance for 12pm this Monday with Magenta Ceiba of Bloom Networks. I’ll take that, then join this session. Thanks! PS @madrush good work on the Cosmos members/users spreadsheet! Look forward to chatting soon.

(Marco V Morelli) #17

We didn’t really choose an official time…but I am open during either window. I generally prefer the later window, but would do to the one where the most people can make it. Cool that you’ll be talking with Magenta!

(Douglas Duff) #18

I will do my best to be present for anything scheduled outside of Monday. I would like to hear more from you @KPr2204…you have many ideas brewing these days! And for Monday, I will likely be unable to attend. Schedule as you see fit and I will attempt to be present.

(Katina Press) #19

On Monday, 10.29.18, the 2pm - 5pm MT works better for me, I will be online working, but I get a 45 min break at 3:30 pm MT and another short break at 4:30pm MT. Hence, I will only be able to devote an hour (max.) to the 2-5pm MT work session. At the times indicated above. Is that worthwhile, or no?

(Caroline Savery) #20

I prefer the later (2-5pm MT) time as well.

@KPr2204 I think an hour would still be beneficial, if you feel up for it… I’d value having your input on what’s going on!