Collab 101: Essentials of Shared Leadership for Powerful Collaboration

(john davis) #21

Excellent idea. I remember Starhawk well. I think I took a workshop with her at the Open Center many years ago. Mixing experiential with more philosophical musings is very important.For perceptual learners like myself it is crucial.

I recently looked at our Clean Language exercise, Writing at your best, which we did last summer. I have some better notions about how to conduct these kinds of experiential events on line. It is a bit of a challenge but if done well it can be useful I think to ground the discussion. If I start getting too abstract I get ungrounded.

After the essay series is completed, it might be fun to conduct an interview with you and Marco on how the two of you organized this event. When you are Collaborating at your best that’s like what?

Just a thought, that could be fun. And then we can post it as a follow up to the Trupocalypse series and brainstorm about future explorations. My feeling is that we can point to this series and other interesting learning experiences as dynamic reference points that the group went through together. It is great to have an archive of such events so that we can review a few months later and notice patterns that we may have missed, and start to trace a group history.