COMING SOON: A Theory of Everybody (a co-operative blogging platform for Cosmos)

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Platform for Social Poetics & Planetary Thought

Welcome to a co-operative blogging platform dedicated to manifesting the further reaches of sentient intelligence, imagination, and compassion-in-action. This experimental space is being lovingly crafted as a place to share our intimate stories, weird ideas, philosophical riffs, field reports, songs, visionary intuitions, lucid dreams, book/music/film reviews, fictions, manifestos, elegies, epistles, critiques, action plans, investigations, meditations, research studies, speculations, social/cultural/political analyses, meta-theories, memoirs—and the occasional righteously eloquent or raw/impassioned (as needed) rant…or prayer.

A Theory of Everybody is also a collective inquiry into the conditions for the possibility of living together on Planet Earth, if not quite beyond. With critical empathy, via literary language and mission-infused media, we commit to liberating the free and full expression of ourselves as singularities and as a community of beings. This is our conversation with the world.

Invitations going out soon to first wave of contributors! We will start small, open up gradually. Let me know if you’d like to write, produce, develop, organize, promote, or help in any other way.

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