Consciously Evolving Language – Session 4 - 20 Oct 2020

First Witch
When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightening, or in rain?
Second Witch
When the hurly burley’s done, when the battles lost and won.

I’m pretty sure this is the last lap for me and I am more than happy to retire to my books and music and let others do their thing. I am here to make an honest report and note differences that can make a difference. Not all of our differences matter. That we will fail is probably built into the system. Our sovereignty is being taken away from us and maybe this is a good thing. I am open to both and insist on nothing. I accept my own failures, which are disappointing and I can live with that. And God help us if we should succeed.


I Want to Come From the Change-Movement-Permeability
Position on Any Wheel but mainly the Labyrinth. And Giving Support to the Artist within Each & Everyone!!!

"Art is the soul food each person needs to create space for movement to happen aligning with motion and change” - Gabrielle Roth

Growing An Integral Body , what A Beautiful Mystery which we are All Participating In,Even with WTF-" What The Fuck & What To Feel" of Infinite !

My 7 ounces of Aliveness in-with this breath as I Express Here/Now.


Thanks, Michael, for your reminder of the good work we have done here. We are working with head, heart and gut, and recognize, when we are at our best, where we are getting the vibe from. As a settled body helps to hold the tensions between various subtle vibes that pass through persons in groups this is even harder to deal with in this flat screen medium. This is not the medium that works for me but it is the only medium that we have right now as public gatherings are not safe at all. Luckily, we have over the last few years brought attention to many different approaches. And sometimes we go meta ( cognitive processing) and sometime we feel a gut response, and we blend differences in our sensorium with the meta-theoretical. I expect others, in a future social world, will be more adept than we are. I dedicate this next wave of mistakes and mixed messages to that future people. I believe the triad is where the best work happens.


Watched 12 ways of seeing the world and liked it. I will probably watch a second time. They were condensing a lot of ideas in a short time.


”Decisive is the intensity with which the individuals live the new.” — Jean Gebser

Intensity 1

This Seems To Be The Tone of the Moment as 2020 slips into the unknown & we Move Into the Unknown of 2021,…