Consciously Evolving Language - Session 6 - 17 Nov 2020

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For this session, please read chapters 16 and 17 in Consciously Evolving Language. If you are not familiar with the book Metaphors We Live By, by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, then please read this excerpt from that book FIRST. Lakoff and Johnson section.PDF (909.9 KB) It will enable you to better understand chapter 16.

Another great article, not about metaphor though, is this one by Graham Priest. It pulls together eastern (Buddhist) philosophy and western philosophy and will put our discussions of Mobius strips, Klein bottles, and paradox into perspective. Priest Beyond True and False.docx (175.2 KB)


Here’s the link to the video clip about the work on Lakoff and Johnson’s image schema that my colleague and I did years ago : Great session today, I really enjoyed it!


Thank you for sharing! “The hidden side of being made manifest”!



-Pervasive use of war metaphors
-Creating new metaphors
-Language as Invisible Architecture
-Where is the Agent located?
-Image schemas
-Body Shape and Language
-Mapping across from concrete to abstract My love is like a red, red rose
-Physics and Metaphors
-Identity, Strange loops,
-Paraconsistent Logics
-Nagarjuna vs Aristotle
-War and Play
-Same sex marriage
-Like spaghettis on the wall
-Science , Art, Politics, Religion and metaphor
-Aikido and Nagarjuna
-UFO’s and Ontological flooding
-Government as Family
-Transgender Politics
-Mirrors, Rabbit holes, Kleinian meta-gestures
-Self-reflective or self-reflexive?
-Gebser’s stages vs structures
-Center for Disease Control vs Department of Biological Diplomacy
-What kind of Object is this?
-Boundary Conditions
-Silence=Death vs Silence as an Absence that is Present.
-And when we talk from, for or to the Ineffable, what determines from, for, to?
-How many ways can we find to talk about the Ineffable/Integral?