Convening a Cosmos Wisdom Council


(Jim Trattner) #41

Darwin, please see the letter I wrote back to Geoffrey to see a fuller reply to your mention of Advaita. is a site that’s rich with, to me, interesting Wisdom Teachings. If you really like to stretch your mind, try Wei Wu Wei.

Way (pardon the pun) beyond my processing ability. Numinism is a key word here. Look it up. I can’t describe it, but I think it fits. Look, I’m not a teacher of this stuff. It saved my life, however. I was a compulsive seeker. Everything from Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, EST, Scientology, early California Cults (see Brotherhood of the Source or Source Family), Swami Satchidananda founder of Integral Yoga, Swami Muktinanda who brought Siddha Yoga to the states, Gabriel Cousins, Johnny Lovewisdom the breatharian from Ecuador, LifeSpring, Terrance McKenna, and on and on. I think I qualified as a bonafide seeker. I was, however still filled with guilt about many transgressions in my past and even worse as I now see it, filled with pride regarding my accomplishments in my past. Wayne Liquorman helped me see that I didn’t actually “DO” anything. It all happened. I got it. That’s all there is to it as far as I’m concerned.
I’ve given you a lot more than you asked for, but honestly I believe that THAT just HAPPENED too.

Thanks for shopping.


(Jim Trattner) #42

Durwin not Darwin. Sorry for the possibly Freudian slip.

(Durwin Foster) #43

I watched some Licquorman. Yes, I appreciate his teaching :). A downside of Mooji is that he seems to be holding onto conventional social forms that need to be modernized – e.g. he speaks about “giving up the sense of rights”, but doesn’t speak about “giving up the sense of responsibilities”. On the other hand, I don’t see how Licquorman and atheism go together, although perhaps I don’t understand what you mean by atheism. Licquorman definitely points to some kind of living energy or intelligence that IS the author, you might say, replacing the false sense of authorship appropriated by the separate self. It’s the combination of advaita and atheism that I believe could be a “slippery slope” to nihilism. For me, the “middle way” is whatever path I tread that avoids the “scylla” of narcissism and the “charybdis” of nihilism. Thanks for shopping too!

(Jim Trattner) #44

Nice of you to write, Durwin. Wayne changes metaphors from time to time and I cannot speak for regarding his Understanding. I use the word atheism to contrast my pov as being non-religious. I don’t believe in a “Intelligent”design. In fact I don’t really think or talk about it much except to contrast my viewpoint to most accepted religious POVs.I don’t see fit to argue with anyone about this stuff and rarely even think about it. Wayne comes closest to plain talk about Authorship and I like that he questions the common understanding of who am I or who are you. He blessedly suggests that he doesn’t “know” the “truth". and doesn’t speak the “truth”. I prefer to not focus on that kind of stuff as it’s, in many ways, irrelevant to most of what interests me. Wayne is actually pretty consistent and if one follows what he says, over time, he makes a lot of sense to me. I’ve spent a good deal of time at his satsangs and retreats and have always enjoyed his approach. The Swerve is a recent find, by me and approaches this subject in a way that I also find very satisfying. I would be very interested in hearing your view regarding the Epicurean POV.

(Douglas Duff) #45

As the resident fool/dunce, I would like to state for the record that you are not alone. This whole Wisdom Council thing started because I happened to be shooting hoops alone and others came by and said that I had I unique spin, an interesting unorthodox shooting style, and many were willing to give me pointers on how to apply it to the “big leagues” (see my unintended post “Rough Draft of Sponsoring Elders)”). Though you are not looking to change the world like us younger whipper-snappers, we do want to change the game up a bit, hence Marco’s proposal for a more intergenerational game to be played here…you can be our coach, meta-physical therapist or just a crazy fan.

Similar concerns/complaints have been noted about the website format and the wild directions conversations tend to travel here. This thread is a prime example of the “untamability” of the whole Infinite Conversations. Glad you are still slashing through the foliage to find what you might be interested in. @annroberts says it best above…once you give it a go it does become easier.

While you may feel it would be best to take specific book discussions/conversations off of the website and into personal email, we would love to have you join in on the next discussion about the Cosmos Wisdom Council. The video you watched above with Ann, Marco and I was the first and only discussion had at this point. You say that you prefer conversation face to face over this online stuff (or talking over writing) and I can say, as neither a talker nor writer, the Zoom video chats are micro-doses for all ages! I came here in November 2017 with the same glazed look at all of the big words other’s toss around here, but the “face to face” chats are much more user friendly than the written word and also the best tool for reaching out to like minded people in the digital world. We have 100% respect for eachother even if we do not agree or understand the other side. Here in conservative Kentucky, I would be searching for years to find someone to share a conversation about a preferred book or idea, though @Mark_Jabbour is proof that we can find similarities and have decent conversations about how to “Make Cosmos Great Again” :wink:

Hope everyone interested in the Wisdom Council can participate in the next video chat!

(Marco V Morelli) #46

So when’s our next pick-up game, Mr. Wise Guy? :male_detective: Maybe the Friday after the next Soul Mountain meeting? 5/11?

(Douglas Duff) #47

I’m game. The time (11 am MDT) seems to be internationally friendly for @annroberts and N. American participants. Would like to put the ball in the elders’ court though. Any feedback from those interested?

(Zachary Feder) #48

Personally I love a good lurk. My father also liked to lurk, but maybe without the sinister connotation. My mother called him a ‘badaud’ - someone who people watched constantly, at a moment’s notice, as if his resting place was simply to watch. He loved to have coffee and people watch in cafes, or just standing in line at the bank, or at a red light, or at dinner. There wasn’t a time when he wasn’t able to just sit back and enjoy the show without any envy or desire to be part of it. It didn’t strike me to ask him about it until I was much older. And my father was never one for explaining things. He was big into one liners, one word-ers. What are you doing? ‘Watching’ he’d say, and shrug. But this was such bullshit I thought. You’re doing more than that. Then one day he told me - I imagine what it is to be the men I see, to live their lives. I try and imagine what it is to really be them. And with the women - I imagine what it is to be married to them, to love them.

Why the Human Singularity is Nearer
(Ann Roberts) #49

Wow - that really touched me - the is a great little book called Wokini which is a Lakota story about a young man who is searching for the 10 Sticks of Happiness . The tenth stick is ‘I am learning to understand the other’. @ZacharyFeder your father whilst a man a few words feels rather wise. Mmmmm

(Ann Roberts) #50

I would love to join in. Are we talking the 11th May as the possible gathering day?

(Maia ) #51

This made my “ears” prick up. I share your wariness of abstractions, in favor of attention to what doesn’t fit the usual expectations, what surprises and breaks the norm. Thanks for bringing this into the discussion.

(Marco V Morelli) #52

If we speak on the 11th, is it possible to begin at 11 am MDT? Or is there another preferred time?

Time-zone converter:

(Ann Roberts) #53

Yes that works for me. Others?

(Douglas Duff) #54

Still pending birth of son!..ranging from any day now to original due date May 15th. Perhaps I could add a few ideas/questions once we have a rough outline of the discussion. It was brought to my attention (again) today, for example, that a core part of the Elder project idea is that anyone can be considered an elder (even a newborn can help us tap into that “realm” or elder thought…a four year old can make a statement that is more wise than any member of a Wisdom Council could muster, etc). Wouldn’t mind receiving others’ perspectives on this idea. While we wait for other responses, what ideas would we like to explore?

(Ann Roberts) #55

How exciting waiting for baby to arrive. Sending love and light to you and your family.

I have always been fascinated by what level of consciousness each generation arrives into this physical realm with :slight_smile: There is wisdom to be had I feel whenever one is connected to Source ( Thomas Huebl calls it the Meridian) . What the elder offers is this concept of Active Wisdom that has moved through the physical realm for a period of time and is seeking to harvest this and share with others in a way of mentoring and give back. The Zero Chiefs is one of the concepts from the Earth Wisdom tradition that I have trained with, here these Chiefs act as guardian energy during the Wisdom Council to ensure the process is healthy and balanced. to ensure the sacred laws are adhered to and that all the voices are heard and appreciated. I see the elders within our cosmic community offering to host and hold the process so that all ages, voices, etc can be welcomed.

(Zachary Feder) #56

Doug - I’ve been meaning to say -best wishes for a safe delivery. It’s going to be a wild ride! x

(Jim Trattner) #57

Just caught up here. I made the mistake of thinking that something would be “pushed” to me regarding this thread. Nothing arrived in my inbox and when I go to the infinite site, rather when I went to the site, after being prompted, I didn’t see this thread until today. Navigation doesn’t seem to be one if my talents. Did I miss the chat on May 11th? I can’t find a trace of it here. My apologies for not responding sooner. I think I was waiting for a prompt that never came. Could somebody please offer me instructions regarding how to track this particular thread so as not to miss comments. Please. Honestly, I am reminded of the first time I saw a flashing “dos prompt”. Does this program we use here have a way to let us know when there is a posting to a particular thread, such as “Convening a Cosmos Wisdom Council”?

(Jim Trattner) #58

I’m so sorry Ann. If I saw this I would have been happy to participate.

(Jim Trattner) #59

Your comments regarding your father enjoying a good lurk really resonated in me. A badaud. I like that. That describes a lot of my behavior. I think your Father went much deeper than the term suggests. He was not simply a “knee jerk” gawker.
Was your mother French? Anyway I really appreciate his empathic impulse. I share the same trait. Terminally curious.

(Ann Roberts) #60

Hi @madrush,

There seems to be two threads running around the Wisdom Council - this one and the other is Cosmos Wisdom Council meeting#2(5/11) where I have posted feedback from the call Marco and I had last Friday. @madrush not sure how to tidy this up - any suggestions?