Convening a Cosmos Wisdom Council


(Douglas Duff) #61

Here is the link for Wisdom Council Meeting #2:

Perhaps, once the video is uploaded from your conversation with @madrush, the discussion can begin there, posting responses pertaining directly to the video. I have thought about making the attempt to tidy up the various threads, but fear I would muddy the waters, making things murkier than at present.

(Douglas Duff) #62

As this is my second attempt at giving technical guidance on this site (and ever!), there may be gaps in what “support” I give you here below. Here goes…

If you click on your avatar circle in the top right corner (now your face rather than lounging feet)–> click on the “male bust silouette” which appears just below and to the left after you click your avatar circle–> go to your personal page’s :gear: Preferences --> Emails --> you can check the boxes for the first three on the list.–> Make sure to “Save Changes” by clicking the purple button at the bottom of each Preferences page that you change. This should keep you posted about topics in which you are mentioned. Since we know that you were not notified, we will make sure to “mention” you with the @JimT and that should send an email your way.

Also, when you log onto the site and receive notifications you can set preferences to send notifications for particular channels:

Avatar circle --> :gear: Preferences --> Notifications (If you would like to receive notification of your liked posts, Track specific topics, etc.) --> and below notifications is the “Categories” and “Tags” preferences. Under the “Categories” heading, you can do as I did below and add the Cosmos Coop and Cosmos Cafe to be notified (the Wisdom Council is nested in the Cosmos Coop channel).

Once you become familiar with the Preferences, you may find some other method will solve the site’s madness. If you run into more issues, let us know…

(Marco V Morelli) #63

Thanks for that, @Douggins .

@JimT is that helpful?

I think we could use a dedicated “help” page for this topic of emails and notifications, maybe for the #welcome:start channel and/or #co-op:playbook ?

Also note: I just uploaded the video from my talk w/ @annroberts. As noted, that’s now viewable here: Cosmos Wisdom Council – Meeting #2 [5/11]

We also now have a tag for ‘wisdom-council’ tag, which could be applied to any topic that relates to the concept.

I hope that’s helpful. I know this interface has exponential room to grow in clarity of function and ease of use. Hopefully someday we will strike a dynamic balance of order and chaos. Or maybe we’re closer than we think. Thanks for your attention & care, everyone!

(Jim Trattner) #64

Yes very helpful sorry for my spotty attendance and “deer in headlight”

navigation issues. Your response was like having a ranger find me lost in the mountains and then leading me out to civilization. Thank you.