CoRealizing Cosmos: A Magical Mystery Tour through the Spaces of Cosmos [10/11]

@care_save has been asking me to work on the Key Docs for ‘spaces’ in Cosmos, and so I would like to use our next call to bridge from our discussion last week, which ended with ideas about reaching out to latent and potential Cosmos members and contributors, to a mapping of the various specific areas where members can begin to get involved in fleshing out and adding their visionary/creative energies into the mix.

A concrete desired outcome of this meeting is that we will all have a better understanding of how the various puzzle pieces of the Cosmos map fit together; and where we still have open questions or unresolved issues. To goal is that it becomes less confusing and more user friendly to get involved and start contributing to Cosmos.

This should lead to some series of member communications orienting them to our praxis process, which we discussed last week, as well as to various channels, zones, and sites in development where Comsos work is being done.

I will be working on some visuals to share, which will hopefully become useful for the key docs and other materials (e.g., the Playbook).


Greatly bummed that i have been unable to attend these meetings, including the meeting today. Trying to shift my schedule around to attend in the later months. I returned Tuesday from a week of TN travels so just catching up here. I have watched both last weeks recording (10/4) with insight from @KPr2204 and the usual offenders along with the discussion between @madrush, @DurwinFoster and @JeffreyQ1 on 9/27. These two conversations are a stellar demonstration of what the Cosmos and our participation here are all about. I didnt take notes while listening and driving but felt/feel the need to toss in a few comments, as if I had been participating.

  • When pondering about the icons to use, outside of hearts, likes, etc. some process-like metaphoric icons arose: I was originally thinking kindling —> spark —> flame/fire —> torch/sharing/running with the idea (think Olympics, where there is an intended destination achieved only by group effort and perseverance) —> then it can reach stellar dimensions (stars, novae, super novae, dark matter?) :chopsticks: :fire::star_struck::fireworks::star2::eight_pointed_black_star::star::exploding_head:
    Other thoughts: so we are all out in the wilderness, we are all separate entities with little light shining on any subject. Someone senses a need or a desire and :flashlight: flashes a signal. We also collect kindling, those potential ideas, and place these in a neat pile. We sit around hoping for a spark. Sure we can use the kindling as fuel to spark our own ideas, but the fire often goes out when left unattended or when the wood becomes wet. Sometimes our spark is bright enough for others to see, attracting attention and a desire in others to keep this fire going or to spread it around. Fire can be seen as the first human creative act, and maintaining a control and equilibrium with this fuel can take us to the stars. It is also the light that brings us out of our caves.

I know this feedback is not of much use, just some fun. Looking forward to the recording.


Sorry I will not be able to participate today. I will re-connect early next week.

Any questions please let me know…


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