CoRealizing Cosmos: Making it Happen, aka Process Praxis Jam (Weekly Meeting) [10/4]


  • Marco Morelli
  • Caroline Savery
  • Jeffrey Quintero
  • Katina Press

Continuing the discussion from CoRealizing Cosmos: Toward a Business and/or Platform Canvas for Cosmos - Meeting [9/27]:

The @corealizers group meets again to continue honing our priorities for leveling-up Cosmos toward a platform launch and actualization of our collective potentials. Specifically, in this meeting we will follow up on @care_save’s praxis process template proposal, and talk about how we can move forward with engaging our full community, including latent Cosmos ‘beta’ members (who are not active on the forum), in the praxis of jamming on the future of Cosmos.

We now have these three new channels which members can interact with:

These need to be fleshed out and made ready to invite people to properly.

Let’s discuss how “sensed bits” will become priorities and collective projects. Let’s define what we’re working toward in actionable ways. Then, can we be proactive in reaching out to individuals or groups and inviting them to participate in specific areas that are interesting and relevant to them, which serve our overall evolution? In what specific ways?


  • How can surveying and mapping our community’s interests make for a more inclusive and intelligent process of engagement?
  • What initial roles do we need to define and fill before we reach out to the wider community?
  • What kind of communication practices should we begin to define and follow as more members become interested and engaged?

Please see the Business and Platform canvases in last week’s talk (linked at top) for an overview of Cosmos’ areas of activity.

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Also see these recent pages in progress:


@madrush and I just met by phone to touch base. Here’s notes from our conversation. “Preparing the grounds” for what we hope to arise in 30 minutes.

Re: event planning for October 13: Dinner scheduled for 6:30 on Saturday night. So we wouldn’t be able to start a poetry reading til 8:30-9. Most of the participants are going to be in Boulder and won’t want to go out in Denver.

Change of venue: Naropa. Similar format: poetry reading.

Heather bridge person - organizing the conference, has had to take on a lot. Geoffrey and Marco supporting.

Sunday might be feasible for an event at Caroline’s place in Denver. Key docs release celebration.

Cosmos-specific get-together on Sunday, like actually talking about Cosmos?

“Key docs are done, yay let’s celebrate, and furthermore let’s collaboratively riff: Wrt Cosmos, what would you like to have happen? What potential represented in Cosmos most appeals to you? & how to do you intend or desire to engage with that potential?” - & livecasting it to the virtual Cosmosphere.

Marco: what I feel has shifted is: there’s a group of people who believe in this now. Becoming real vs. just dreamy. C: yes, I think the Key docs are describing a real thing , although it’s dreamy/fantastical in appearance, futurist, it’s potentially a logically sound blueprint (although because it’s all intuitively derived, and though I have found support for it in studying systems theory, it will still need to be critiqued and stress-tested in various spots). Point being: in our next phase that we’re burgeoning on, of reaching out more actively, we should feel confident that we’re talking about something that’s real-izable. It can happen because it must happen, and we’re the vanguard creative visionary community that is going to seek to making it happen. You know?

M: Praxis process is the potential engine of realizing Cosmos. Focus on refining the praxis process today.

Lots of design questions, but simple things we could do right now to begin activating the architecture of the praxis process.

We have a lot to develop, and many things have to emerge simultaneously - like how a body grows. It’s not first arm, then leg, then brain. It’s simultaneous capacities that grow.

M: I have something in mind re: this emergence process. Question: “What’s the basic form?” Though we can’t build an app for it immediately, it should still be something we can practice. Technological build-out costs a lot of resources – it should be tested and iterated, “getting the logic right,” in our bodies and communities, through praxis . With resources accumulating on basis of how valuable it is in practice . Informational articulation of architecture is like a “proposal,” it’s like “this is a way things could happen,” and then social proof must arise through engagement/interaction/iteration. OR organic emergent social behaviors or processes happen (e.g. Writers Underground emergence), and then that can be translated into text/visual form as an informational “process template” describing how that type of activity is enacted. In either case, it’s the enactment of the process progressively that validates it, which leads to the potential to realize that process even more elegantly via technological platform app buildout.

C’s new one pager is an articulation of Cosmos as a system. M’s About page is more poetic about socio-economic-cultural context, who Cosmos is & purpose Cosmos is for. M: We could map these articulations of Cosmos as a mandala, to better channel people’s energy/interests in terms of beginning to understand and interact with elements of Cosmos. Ann Roberts and others have asked to see it. Mandala could show various lenses that a person could try on to view Cosmos, and it would be an accurate view (if a partial view) suitable to the individual’s particular interests… but people could also zoom out and explore other dimensions.

Evolution, we know what that means. Involution is like the spiritual coming down through the mental and then coming out through the physical. Key docs is like that. There’s both directions of movement, however. As things become involuted, they build up through evolution. A logical loop of the key docs, which could be viewed through different lenses, it’s also a desire, a single aspiration, that’s expressed in many dimensions. Happening at the same time–emergence, not like one thing happens and then the other thing happens. We’re at the brink of a shift from a more involutionary stage to a more evolutionary stage in Cosmos’ realization.

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K: one of the things I’m sensing is that language is becoming more sybmolic, and communicating a lot of ideas in as few words as possible. [metaphor stacking!]

beyond a heart, beyond a like: a symbol that goes beyond and affirms “I’m connected with this idea, and I’d like to explore this a little more.” Hearts say that they’ve heard me, and support the fact that I have this idea. Not clear if they support the idea itself.

An action token - like “you can cash this in for action from me at a later time”. Or, pre-accumulation of specific resources and multiple ways of measuring value – a “discourse token.” Beyond the heart, and before other action: a token symbolizing my commitment to engaging with this further.

Jeff: the future is about resonance for sensing truth. we recognize truth by resonance. we need a token to indicate “spectrum or degree of resonance.”

Perhaps bars on a scale - or like clapping threshhold on Medium - people can indicate their “level of resonance” and when that reaches a certain threshhold, new action becomes opened to be taken.

The idea I’m putting out of token indicating action-toward-further-engagement is not quite the same as resonance, but related. Because it may be that I want to engage so as to take it in a different direction, to critique it, to add to it, etc. Not just to add to it or resonate with it.

A sensed bit arises in conversation. It’s something that’s thought, said, and then it becomes part of a collaborative/communal flow. People can respond to it, play with it. Idea here is: it has to be plucked out, “let’s take that and make it actionable in some way.” The moment of plucking out the sensed bit distinguishes from the general flow. Liking both the resonance idea (amplification principle - “gets louder”) and the action token. Once a sensed bit is amplified enough, it could have enough “reality” to turn into a proposal. Substrate is generative milieu, conversational flow - and then agents (potentially all of us), who can pluck something out, I’m going to put it here, so that others can respond to it as such.

(Perhaps that channel itself has higher amplification [is louder?] to users?]

Emergence of whole (Cosmos) and holons within it (people, groups, projects, etc.). This is actionable, emergent realm. Moving from a conversational flow to an actionable space. Now that a certain threshhold of interest is met, does it get amplified further by Cosmos protocol - like published in a newsletter, or messaged to all members?

A felt need would be mapping out those flows. Praxis process - already started mapping. What does this look like?

Perhaps amplification “builds” at different levels. First, “resonance” measure is needed to make it a Priority. Second, proposals emerge from discussing the Priority. Proposals need “willingness to act” tokens, showing a further depth of commitment to seeing that thing realized. Perhaps the “willingness to act” token is actually a singular token, a placeholder, for the differentiation that happens later in the fleshing out of the proposal into defining criteria for fulfillment, i.e., the “act” token can then be cashed into any amount and type of capital being allocated–e.g. Person A contributes $5, Person B pledges 20 hours of work, Person C contributes $100, Person D contributes the use of an app’s code that D already built previously that’s relevant to the proposal, etc. Once criteria is adequately pledged/filled, then Cosmos-as-a-whole gets involved, may add more resources to it, and it becomes IMPLEMENTED. Implementation involves the redeeming of pledged potential and outcome must fulfill the potential of the original purpose/priority. Feedback–not just commentary, but also USE of the product and paying for use of that product, and various nuances there–become the “flow” or “milieu” for more sensed bits.

Somebody coming in where they want to do work right away, we can say “Here, put your energy here, cuz that will feed into the whole.” Here’s some from Marco’s list (amended by Caroline):

  1. Cultural development & community engagement
  2. Cosmos mythos (as a visionary entity) - telling that grand story (must resonate with the whole)
  3. Technological platform development & growth
  4. Economics (finances, budgeting, fundraising, money)
    –4b. Litcoin design and prototyping, as an internal currency)
  5. Governance (decision-making, transparency, power configurations & organizational systems - like praxis process)
    –5b. Codex (Constitution)
  6. Integration (all these pieces, weaving them together, coherence & harmony)
    –6b. Playbook development (recipes for how to do things in Cosmos)

Cosmopods, auropods - that’s a particular purpose or form, 3-4 people, focused on moreso “self-actualization” aspect or side. Can be themed on “writing novels,” or anything else. As a form, it’s more personal-focused, though, forming tight relationships, etc.

Another spin-off discussed is kind of “stewardship cohort” that’s more oriented on “the whole” (not on the personal self-actualization, but the collective self-actualization), focused on one of the topics above, of people more engaged in that topic. Their role would be: making sure productive conversations are happening in that theme, making connections between emergent sensed bits etc., and simply participating (perhaps more heavily) in moving things in that domain forward. They’re still accountable to the whole–they have to be in alignment with Cosmos’ overall development.

Onboarding a member: from the outset, we could give them 2 concrete options, that they can do at the same time: 1 could be, let’s connect you with a Cosmopod (friendship circle), etc. A small group, very personalized, intensive, around self-actualization (there’d be a process template, perhaps, of types of questions to ask, themes of conversations to have, to kick that off.) The 2nd option could be, join this cohort concerned with this domain of Cosmos’ development. “Putting people in connection with each other, around a simple framework and purpose.”

Perhaps this could be presented to new members as an “option to fulfill” or experiment with. Like how when you create an account in a new project management program, and the interface has these prompts like: “have you tried ‘creating a new project’ yet? have you tried ‘adding a user to that project’ yet?” Like that–Cosmos’ new member dashboard would have suggestions like: “based on your interests (entered into your member application form): have you checked out these 10 conversations or channels yet? have you joined a pod yet? have you checked out this stewardship community yet?” In the dashboard. Maybe on the badges page… ?

Ability for people to form their own focused groups on a sensed bit should be possible. Yes, the idea around this is that smaller groups can convene and can develop deeper understandings, develop proposals, etc. But this has not been explicitly articulated yet - the transition from priority to proposal is not clearly articulated, it’s more implicit. What kind of support or resources could be available to that small group? Maybe process templates needed for that.

:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: Thanks for everyone’s marvelous contributions as we continue to incubate this process!