Cosmopods / Co-realization cells

Via @Matteo, who shared with me the practice in the Aurobindo community of setting up members in small mutual support groups (3-4 people max) called “Auropods” for the purpose of helping members deepen their Integral Yoga practice. These groups meet regularly for up to 6 months or so, before the groupings are randomly shuffled—though we discussed how this could be done algorithmically, looking for optimal mixes of individuals (e.g., matching more and less experienced members together).

He suggested we could adapt this structure to Cosmos, and it occurred to me this practice could work really well with the concept of co-realization. Basically, the Cosmopods would be small intimate groups completely dedicated to exploring what the individuals in the groups wish to self-actualize in any domain that is important to them (creative, spiritual, economic, etc.) and get direct support from other members.

It seems to me this could be one of the first things a new Cosmos member can do as part of their onboarding. We would match them up with a Cosmopod, which could be where they explore one of the first big questions in Cosmos, “What would you like too have happen?” Matteo said he could help get these going.


Love it! We had explored the idea of a designated, trained role that individuals in the platform could play (“community guides”), but the idea of forming stable 3-4 people groups of new (or a mix of experienced & new) members who self-acquaint and self-explore their curiosities and aspirations wrt the platform/community/co-op is EXCELLENT, and so immediately doable!! :heart: