Cosmos Café [7/23] - Open Café

In your time zone: 2019-07-23T18:00:00Z

ZOOM video conference:

These hot July hours have many of us heavy with the burden of work, family and other happenings. A few regulars have stated deep focus on other leadings. The Café line will be open for anyone willing and able to sit for a spell and cast their time and attention to what may arise. Attendance may be low but spirits are always high for those around the table.


I will be present the first hour of this week’s session before needing to return to day job. I am fine with an easy session, unthemed and no required reading. Of course, if something arises and someone rises to the occasion, we will be there too!

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@Everyone: if there’s interest there’s a good chance I could join you guys for this one.