Cosmos Café: Disambiguating Space and Time [12/5]


(john davis) #63

Yes I agree. And while they are putting implants in people we can re-direct our attention to other ways of finding coherence. There is a limited and short term value in medical interventions, but for working with the Higher Octave of the Integral a new theory of Mental Health will have to emerge.

Current theories are focused on a vast list of illnesses to treat phamacologically but almost nothing about generating Genius and Joy states! They are pulling up weeds and have forgotten to plant anything.

(Marco V Morelli) #64

20 years ago, we might not have thought it plausible that virtually everybody today would be walking around with a small supercomputer in their pocket, which they are constantly interacting with. Etc. etc.

I predict that in 20 years, everyone will have brain implants—it will be hypernormalized—this way everyone can be neurotargeted by the virtual reality platforms of the future. For many, the zombification will be complete. It will be a warzone continuum. But there will be alternative uses. We will be able to “Zoom” with each other in virtual presence. A digital environment template will be provided; a mood will be set. And we’ll talk. It will be like lucid dreaming.

People will be doing all kinds of things, getting into all kinds of trouble, in these neuroscapes. Predators and prey: the Experience Economy. I dread it, too. It is pure science fiction horror become reality. But I can’t deny that something monstrous and awesome is afoot. It’s actually happening—the tsunami is rising. We really do have to get to that integral plateau that Doug imagines, otherwise we will surely be swept away by the algorithmic tidal wave.

All your brains are belong to us!

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