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Intensities – Conflict/Tension in a G Octave-Grounding of the Inter-Play (Middle-Liminal) of Vision & Routine.


Reading / Watching / Listening:

Vision and Routine by Bhikkhu Bodhi
Feeling and Form: A Theory of Art -Developed from Philosophy in a New Key by Susan Langer

Seed Questions

  • Can We learn to walk through the Terror of the Threshold between Many & One?

  • What is the difference and/or similarity between Organic repetition (Seasonal, Biorhythms, Planting, etc), Mechanized repetition (Clocks, Wheels, Calendars,etc.) & Where is the Feeling in our Lived Experience?

  • Doesn’t it seem We’ve been Dropped/Fallen into the Middle of a Soap Opera & the Feeling of Being in the Middle is the Beginning/End of Lived Experience? So Why Not Relax Into Playing with the Music?


From Greg Thomas’s insight from Jazz on Conflict: “Play Behind the Beat”(Lester Young).

Instead of anticipating,

playing ahead of the beat …




play behind the beat
before you react
from the reptilian limbic system
Give a more Soulful response as opposed to
An Ego reaction.


I want to move towards a Second Order Culture. After months of hard effort I am now able to say I have done my best and can let others do their best. This, by the way, is not the same as trying to be THE BEST. I consider that ambition to be a construct of the First Order which I hope we are able to differentiate from. I have less interest in diversity as I am diversity with integration. When we have too much diversity too fast some of the regulars get resistant to change and defensive postures start to dominate. I am not able to figure out what happens next ahead of time, i attempt to communicate from a desired outcome and trust the wisdom of the system to learn something about itself. This is a Batesonian aesthetic. It is a principle, rather than a best practice.

When a system is too complex, best practices arent going to work. And if the system tries to stay too simple, it will not move fast enough and get eaten up. So, we seek a Goldilocks zone, not too loose, not too tight, not too fast, and not too slow. We need to work with principles and a willingness to experiment. That is why I am not interested in leading, I am interested in creating conditions for a movement to happen.

It was said in the last Cafe, that a civilization doesn’t die, it commits suicide. That is sobering thought. We need movements to deal with the polarized field of leaders in opposition who do nothing but maintain the status quo. This statement is an effort towards integration. I imagine we are not able yet to figure this out as a group. We need trans-contextual capacity to pull that off.

Here is a map, made by Doug, of the conversation between Barrett and myself, in the last Cafe. I find this kind of communique can become a new kind of memory. Without memory we are doomed to extinction rather quickly. I hope we can start to find new ways of embodying a collective memory. This is very different from a digital message. An analogue relies on gesture, has shape and size and a rhythm, it can be symbolic and points to a shared reality, has a sense of scale. We cant make meaning without making sense. A feeling and a form as Langer suggests.My felt sense is that humanity is loosing its memory really fast. Both the old and the young are loosing it. I think Langer would agree if she was here. Her books are widely available but she is not easy to understand. But that is way too big a topology for what I imagine the Cafe can take on in such a short amount of time. I will chunk down and chunk slow for awhile.

I will be relaxing a bit, taking a break from the Cafe next week, to take care of personal business and draw a few pictures in my notebook, as I reread Feeling and Form. This is a very big book and it may take a couple of weeks to do that book justice. I feel that I need to stay focused, with the decade or two that humanity has left, to share a soft focus, and with a sense of modesty. We have to find the right pace for absorbing new materials. The Cafe is too fast for this. Langer would require a long study group and I find little time for that. Where is the context? I cant find it. Is there a relationship between Bodhi and Langer? I am getting quesy, which is not a good sign. This is my feedback to the Cafe society. I hope this makes sense to someone.

Good luck and may the force go with you.


So here’s the context that I have decided works for myself John; Intensities – Conflict/Tension in a G Octave-Grounding of the Inter-Play (Middle-Liminal) of Vision & Routine. As for the relationship between Bodhi & Langer it’s really a matter of being a" Linguistic Disc Jockey" or a " Gardner of Sound" in that for this humble artist of the day to day Routines wants to engage in the Feelings,Forms & Visions I inter-,act,play & just BE with as the day comes,flows, & through the" Stuck in the Middle" experience this particular-unique form of life
is. Something from Michael Meade the Mythologist “What we need is not the simple sense of a nostalgia for an idealized past; rather something truly ancient and still living in the present, found in the depths of each person’s soul, that knows about enduring trouble and creating change. ” I will miss You John not bringing your Voice forward;but thing is You & the Cafe’ has given this Voice the courage to experience “Safe Enough to Fail”. The Force is moving through me,John Thank You,


OK, you got me … and you don’t have to address the issue until Tuesday, as far as I’m concerned: I can always mull until then … but why a G-octave? Just curious.


It is G is the 5th Octave & intuitive & with purpose I draw a line to the 5 senses & Grounding from the Feet up as a :10411346_10205487490535809_6034592904189047593_n
is there a vibe with that?
“The real power and innovation of jazz is that a group of people come together and create improvised art, and can negotiate their agendas with each other. And that negotiation is the art.
Jazz music celebrates life. Human life. The range of it, the absurdity of it, the ignorance of it, the greatness of it, the intelligence of it, the sexuality of it, the profundity of it… and it deals with it… in all of it’s forms… it deals with it! ~ Winton Marsalis


Cosmos Café - Mise en place avec chef de cuisine Michele Stumpf

In preparation for this Cosmos Café - Incarnating Vision & Routine

Hey fellas, sorry to miss this ~ I had some technical problems; not quite in temporal phase sync with the Café at the moment. However, I am appreciaing @Michael_Stumpf’s well-tempered intro—I think it’s a great framing for embodied inquiry—and I look forward to reviewing the videotape whenever it’s posted.


“Play is the brain’s favorite way of learning” Diane Ackerman,The Serious Need for Play? is maybe for the Comedy to come through the WTF real What Is Moment?

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