Cosmos Council Gathering (2019?)

The idea occurred to me today that it could really powerful, once we’ve gone through an online process of enagaging our members in envisioning and honing what Cosmos wants to become, to actually formalize the co-op in some kind of IN PERSON gathering over a few days (with digital broadcast/recording & inclusive participation for those who can’t make it live) which would serve as a kind of constitutional convention where we ratify the various governance structures of Cosmos, vote in our board or other officers, and also make a declaration of our purpose, vision, and goals as a radical community & organization.

We could easily AiRBnB a big house up in the mountains and make a festival/retreat of it. As long as folks can buy their own plane tickets, the cost would be minimal; and it would be a concrete event to work towards and prepare for. Plus it would probably be an amazing founding event that would help the co-op jump out of the digital ether of infinite possibilities into the real world of embodied actualization. In addition to taking care of business, we could have art, music, poetry, yoga, hiking, hot springs, etc.

Maybe a summer 2019 thing?


Campfires and whiskey? Sounds great! count me in! (Just like our “Jest Fest” in the summer of 2015! Oh wait … never happened. But this time, maybe this time … . ) Seriously though, consider Archer’s Poudre River Resort, 33 miles from Ted’s Place on highway CO 14, it’d be perfect! There are small cabins, a campground, a large lodge-like cabin, plenty of community outdoor space, hot tubs, abundant wildlife, the river, … and the Buddhist retreat is close by.


Those are great suggestions, Mark. Thanks!

Yes, JestFest still needs to happen, too…

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I’m already saving up for my plane ticket. May I suggest (if not for this venue, then as a future fellowship event) an OpenMind Retreat? For scientific purposes or just general curiosity to explore nature’s bounty of medicinal vegetation used for a variety of spiritual and mental health benefits.

Most of these retreats are guided and safe and offer a range of health restoring benefits (if that’s what you’re looking for) and/or spiritual-based plant experiences led by experts in the practice of holistic medicine or even an actual shaman.


I just think that it would be neat to attend a guided “Plant Experience” as a group (for those interested in exploring) to not only expand our own spiritual horizons, but also as participant observers of how these hosting communities are organized, thrive and interact with the community at large.

I plan on saving up for one in the not too distant future to go on by myself, after I’ve completed a sufficient amount of research on the types of plant experience I am looking for - but it would be great to plan and go with “family”.

Below is a link with additional info about prepping for such an excursion and what it entails:

How to Prepare for a “Plant Experience” Retreat

I already know that I’m crazy. But, at least let me know if this sounds like a possible dream that other IC Council members would be interested in pursuing as a shared, fellowshipping event in the not too distant future.

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It is a possible dream, Katina, at least from my perspective. We should talk about this someday. I have some (limited) experience with these powerful medicines, which have played a beneficial role in my life. I would see this as a whole new possibility of fellowship, beyond this council gathering idea, but of course such ceremonies require a great deal of care and due diligence. I am glad you were courageous enough to share this idea.

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