Cosmos.Earth launch proposal, or finally cracking open the Cosmic Egg

(Marco V Morelli) #1

Vladimir Kush, “Sunrise by the Ocean”

Here’s an idea that’s been flitting around the edges of my imaginarium:

Now that Coevolve seems to be taking shape and @care_save (per post in #coevolve chat channel) is ready to focus on ‘content strategy,’ what if we aim for a soft, internal launch of Cosmos.Earth on a specific date in the very near future, such as…symbolic drum-roll… Earth Day (Apr 22)?

That would give us exactly three weeks from tomorrow (Monday 4/8) to develop a minimum viable, I would not even say alpha or beta, but “theta” (i.e., creative visioning, dreaming) state product that allows for publishing and promotion of our mystical visions and cosmic vibrations…and concrete plans.

I would like our content strategy to include, in outline form, not only Cosmos.Earth, but also, Infinite Conversations, Metapsychosis, A Theory of Everybody, and the various personal channels members of Cosmos may cultivate—e.g., their own website, podcast, blog, book project, etc.

How can all these spaces and streams weave together in a mutually amplifiying mesh? How can we effectively communicate about (and through) all we’re dreaming and doing? How will we define the terms of our conversation with the world?

I would like to suggest that we focus on these questions on the next Cosmovision session on 4/11, which should be immediately succeeded by a deep dive into scope definition, project planning, and resourcing for a launch event.

In this proposal: the next three days M-W (4/8–10) would be dedicated to getting project management, document sharing, and a team calendar in place. Then the next two weeks until launch would be dedicated to writing, design, editing, web development, communication strategy, media management, process documentation, and finally, actual launch.

@kayla has said that she’s up/in for the sprint—and I think this project would also depend upon Caroline’s robust participation, and @Douggins for curating the Café page. There would definitely be roles for others to play as well. At the very least, I believe this project, if we keep it tight and fulfill on the promise of an Earth Day deliverable (initializing the motion of a gift economy), could bring a collective vision into focus and catalyze further developments. Who’s in/terested?


(Caroline Savery) #2


I’m in! Ready and raring to give this project liftoff. Let’s book some collaborative/cowork time on this between now and 4/22.

This is going to be great and it’s a long time coming. I have more words but I’ll keep it spare here. I’m in I’m in I’m in I’m in.