Cosmos Welcome & Orientation Meetings

Image: Jos Van Wunnik, Streams beams 4 [via Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA]

Whether you’re new to Cosmos, or have been reading and listening for a while, or would just like to connect in person (virtually), meet others, and find out how you can become more involved—you are invited to join a Welcome & Orientation meeting.

I will be offering these meetings a couple times a week (via ZOOM video conference) to accommodate folks in different time zones. They are open to all Cosmos members; are not broadcast or recorded; and you are welcome to attend as often as you’d like. If we could serve refreshments, I would—feel free to bring your own.

Weekly Meeting Times:

  • Monday 5 p.m. Mountain Time (Denver, USA)
  • Tuesday 11 a.m. Mountain Time (Denver, USA)
    [convert time zones]

Please pick a date and time and register at this link:

I look forward to sharing the vision for Cosmos and getting to know you all!

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