Cosmos Wisdom Council – Meeting #2 [5/11]

Second meeting exploring the concept of creating a “Wisdom Council” as an aspect of Cosmos’ organizational structure. The meeting begins with a 5-minute meditation.


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Date recorded: May 11, 2018

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This event’s coming up today, and I will be there to talk about the wisdom function in Cosmos, or perhaps, what we might conceptualize as an “ecology of practices” relating to the cultivation of wisdom in the Cosmosphere.

I’ve had some personal and specific insight-experiences recently which might come through, and I hope to hold good space for whatever else wants to come through whomever else shows up.

This is an open inquiry, and an experiment. And this may be the last WC meeting for the time being (at least that I organize). If it happens, it will be recorded and we can build upon what we bring forth. And, what happens next will be determined by what happens now.

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@madrush and I had a great conversation yesterday which morphed from the ‘wisdom function in cosmos’ to hearing the transition and transformation that Marco is going through personally and how this opens the space for the development of this co-operative. We played with images that would capture the evolutionary purpose of Cosmos and offer a ground to share, to explore, to expand, to deepen next steps based on the shift Marco is making. Mmmmm was truly a honour to listen to the revealing. Marco will be posting the recording and I really commend it to the community.

PS— @madrush here is the link to the video I mentioned - not that the content is relevant but just the black and white imagery that, from my perspective, offers clean and clever visuals to get a message over. nowhere: About Us


Dear @annroberts~ I’ve uploaded the video, though I would still like to review it for the sake of recollection and discerning deeper meaning, and could hopefully share some notes if I do.

However, the salient memory hovering in my mind from our talk is the image of you swimming in the waters off Scotland. At first it reminded me of @johnnydavis54’s cold showers (I am sure the pure effect of the water is similarly exhilarating) but as the image has grown with my weekend brooding, it has transformed into a poetic scene.

I am reminded of Friedrich Nietzsche, who philosophized: Live dangerously! And I can imagine you, child of the Earth, ‘living dangerously’ as a body moving through dark waters. The image is alive with blues and greys; there is mist but a clarity of breath and muscular motion. The vision is widescreen, cinematic, with bright lucidity, even as perception shifts and sloshes amidst undercurrents and surface waves.

As it happens, over the weekend, my girls got to watch a beautiful movie about the sea, and finding one’s voice, which I think may also relate to the above image. The movie is called Song of the Sea:

Based on the Irish legend of the Selkies, Song of the Sea tells the story of the last seal-child, Saoirse, and her brother Ben, who go on an epic journey to save the world of magic and discover secrets of their past. Pursued by the owl witch, Macha, and a host of ancient and mythical creatures, Saoirse and Ben race against time to awaken Saoirse’s powers and keep the spirit world from disappearing forever.

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A few more notes from our talk, @annroberts:

  • Wisdom is not the prerogative of chronological elders, but can emerge out of process that brings together all the relevant perspectives on a question; that said, elders can bring life experience and resources to a wisdom council process.
  • “The Council” is a body/structure we might consider from from an organizational perspective. A “wisdom council” would then be a process whereby the Council makes important decisions. This process can be initiated by “calling Council.”
  • We also discussed the importance of “liberating discipline,” via the Zero Chiefs (whom I’d like to learn more about).
  • Are we moving toward a “simplicity on the other side of complexity”?
  • There is a need, which you expressed, for an image to represent the co-op as a whole, to get past some of the impenetrable language, and we dreamt together of what that might look like: A mandala, sacred geometry, but dynamic, with things “pulsing out” and also showing the people dimensions of Cosmos. Cosmos is made of people. A synaesthetic map. Could we write a creative brief for a designer or animator to create this?
    • We are all ‘stars’ in this Cosmos, expressing varying phases of our own birth, growth, development, etc.
  • To the question, “What is your deepest heart’s desire?” you are currently working with this statement: “To enable the transformation of myself and others by illuminating our evolutionary purpose through sharing the wisdom of Mother Earth.” You noted the importance for you of including your own transformation in this formulation. I resonated with this, and some of my own thoughts lately are along similar lines…
  • Finally, we talked about my feeling of reaching a limit to what I can do as co-op organizer, and my desire to let Cosmos’ organization, per se, to sit on the back burner for a while, allowing others to step up (if they will) while I focus on writing, editing, and web development for the time being. I also shared about my desire to end the Cosmos “beta” program and move our finances to OpenCollective, which I will be following up on with some communication to the wider group.
  • But there remains the question of leadership, and what’s called for with discernment.

Overall, I really enjoyed our talk, a especially appreciated your grounded lucidity. I hope my notes and helpful to anyone interested in this topic. Please let me know if there’s anything important I missed, or that’s here, but which we could expand upon or clarify.

I completely missed your reply @madrush - this is me in catch up mode. Off for a bite of lunch with hubby and I will be back this afternoon:)

Back again - I have found in all my conversations with you - that you have a wonderful skill to clarify, summarise and synthesise that I can really settle into. It was really helpful to hear of your journey with Integral, in general, and Terry in particular. I have a deeper sense of you and your journey. I feel I have been gifted such a lot from the writings of people in the integral world and I can see that I am on the more orientated to the optimistic rather than pessimism about our future. I also appreciate this discernment is also needed. I wonder what part the Co-op can play in our growing our capacity and capability to respond.

I am playing with creating a group to explore how the practice moving through meditation into contemplation can access intuition, insight and vocational arousal. It is said that the Origin Teachings came from the Mayan people contemplating the natural world. Mmmmm

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Wow - how evocative is your writing about swimming in the sea. You open my perception from the physical realm that I have been in - (develop the mastery to be in open water - regulation of the breath in synch with the the reach, role, relax technique of swimming in a wet suit) to the emotional realm of fear and exhilaration when I can no longer touch the sea floor and am buffeted by he swell, Where you take my is to the higher realms of deep connection with Mother Earth. What a wonderful gift of moving me to realise more about why I am so drawn to this at this time in my life. It does feel dangerous to put my 66 year old body into the cold, to feel slight unsteady when I come out of the water and yet to feel really alive.

I am going to source the movie to share with Gracie our granddaughter :slight_smile:

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@Madrush I noticed that you had signed up for the BeaconFires Journal and just wanted to say thank you for staying connected with FireHawk and I. It has been a really busy time to get it to the point of going live and the response has been really heartwarming. What has been a true eye opener for me is how much I enjoy working with authors and helping them bring their passion for Earth Wisdom into manifestation. I have a lovely patience with the co-creative process and an eye for flow that I was not so aware of. I find writing much more challenging. My daughter is a publisher and we have decided to explore developing a copy editing /proofing service.

The other thing I have realised recently is that I do not wish to be in groups where the process literacy is not present. I want to be with people who recognised and can pay attention to content, process and relationship at the same time. When that is not present I find that there is no co-creative juiciness to work with.

I am sorry I missed the call - I am still wondering what my place is here - and how I can find people who share my passion for Earth Wisdom, Consciousness and process literacy LOL I will keep exploring once the BeaconFires intensity settles down. I am having fun:)

Hope you and the family are well Much love and appreciation Ann


Hi Ann, just wanted to say I appreciated your story in the last BeaconFires journal—and I especially enjoyed the recording of you singing at the end. What a beautiful voice you have. It’s good to hear, as well, that you have been enjoying the editorial process. I really love working with authors and shepherding raw writing to a published state, shared with the world.

Activities in the Cosmos are picking up and I believe process literacy (and especially, wisdom perspectives) will be super-important to our next phase, so perhaps we will circle around these topics and see what we can weave into our process moving forward. I hope to hear from you whenever things settle down. I’m glad you’re having fun with the journal and am wishing you all the best.

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