Cosmovision 4/18 - Cosmos.Earth Day is Nigh!

(Caroline Savery) #1


In lieu of a formal agenda, we’re gonna talk Cosmos.Earth development ramp, “wireframing” C.E & clarifying what’s the content (and who’s making it), and then (i hope) talk about the vision for how this asset will tie into our near-future fundraising efforts, community building, etc. i’ll make a forum post for this meeting now.

Join us:

(Marco V Morelli) #2

Here is the video from this session:

Project management list still here:

And one small update we discussed, pertinent to the forum:

(Douglas Duff) #3

This is the example of a cut from the Bateson call, a candid expression of the MicroCosm’s Vision Pitch perhaps . . . this candid meta-performance speaks for itself:

@johnnydavis54, @Geoffrey_Edwards, @Michael_Stumpf and @Douggins express the importance of the arts and the importance of the Cosmos Collective for making visions come alive, applicable online and on the street

We can further discuss the active reviewer potential role idea that was invoked in this CosmoVision call. I think Michael and Johnny would be especially savvy incarnatores easily finding clips to be carried forward.

(LaughingCryingDancing) #4

Yes,Savvy Incarnatores in training. The Skin of the body entangles with other living systems of one’s own body, which is entangled in an environment/s.These are different layers of energy in motion & pulsing without the conceptual skin of the “I” really needing do anything,yet it seems Evolution or whatever Name one assigns to it wants to express it’s unfolding with the New Mutation of a Sense of " I " ness in-formation,this seems to be Humans becoming Participants -Co-Creators in whatever small way they can & Yet???

It’s a Adventure with Guides & Obstacles along the Way???

(Caroline Savery) #5

a splendid slice! well done, and thanks for illustrating this potential, Doug. i second your nominations of the tagged cohort of curating the multi-dimensionally weaving, stunningly insightful, inspirational and artful conversation-sourced slice/selections. <3

“i think the greatest art form we have is conversation.” this whole talk reinforces a pillar of Cosmos’ design. an ideal blurb for the Cosmovision channel, imo. This is a full-bodied “YES” for me.

(Caroline Savery) #6

@Douggins may I link to this excerpt clip in the day post I’m creating? Could you send me the file somehow, or…? how could I get it into the post?

(Marco V Morelli) #7

I’ve uploaded it as a podcast audio here:

This will save the file to our podcast hosting, and make it available for linking to as you like.

(LaughingCryingDancing) #8

Caroline,I am simply Delighted & Awe-Inspired by your Cosmos.Earth Day,Thank U for Bringing Forth this Feeling-Vision.

A Prayer For The Earth,Cameron Gray

(Marco V Morelli) #9

Oh, I love that image. Let’s use that as the feature…