Cosmovision Reboot [7/4]

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Date/Time: 4 Jul 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm America/Denver

Our cosmic crew is taking a break for a few weeks for travel and getting organized. We realize we still have some pre-production work to do before we can come back with some stellar thinking and imaginal ideation in service of a cooperative planetary movement.

In the meantime, we invite and welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you’d like to see and hear from us when we return, and we’ll do our best to respond to your suggestions here in the forum.


@care_save and @Douggins: I am having doubts about this ‘reboot’, feeling that I haven’t really been focused on it, and we haven’t really gotten in sync about what it would entail, operationally. I want to do more than just talk and post the recording; I would like to produce something that’s developed to a stage where others can meaningfully interact with and respond to it, or better, participate.

This means that in some way, they must be able to see and hear it, which means they must first become aware of it. At that point they can decide whether they care, and we can offer some concrete options. The current state of ‘Cosmovision’ (as a conversation series) feels vague to me—I feel I/we need to do more work to develop the concept before we attempt to produce a public event.

That’s something I would love to work on collaboratively —but maybe we should move it to the ‘creative studio’ channel for further incubation, which will open up the calendar for more potent present potentials.

The Cosmos Café on Tuesday (Cosmos Café [7/2] - The Next Steps for the Cosmos) should offer a good opportunity for strategy and visioning work this week. I imagine we can continue using the Café space for these types of talks. I also know that Caroline has been working on all kinds of fractal juiciness, which I have not yet fully absorbed.

Could we take a step back here, take a breath, ask what we want and what wants to happen?

I think I may need a new pair of sunglasses this summer. The cheap plastic lenses of my current ones, beloved as they are, may need to be replaced by a stronger frame, polished glass, more durable materials.


Glad you posted now . . . I will be on for a few minutes before back to work. (and on that note . . . things are still up in the air with work changes. Main point is that my schedule will not be as flexible as before, likely affecting my participation in our recorded events, but this shouldn’t affect internal/background “work” . . . next couple weeks will be rough as I try to shift into the new contract and learn what will work best for the schedule)

I think I agree with you. “They” would not really learn much from these type of events, though they (Cosmovision recordings) are useful for those following along or participating directly in the conversation as @Michael_Stumpf did once. I loosely invited @achronon to this July 4th Cosmovision, but I will not (likely) be able to attend and don’t wish to have someone show up to an event that I will not be showing up to. I think Tuesday’s Cafe will be helpful if feedback is received.

Maybe a sleep mask will allow for the reset we need to reboot. I know I need my beauty rest! :sleeping_bed:


Not that I have anything important to say, but given the fact that @Douggins kinda invited me to this, but there’s (rightfully so) a lot of mulling about the proper of status of things, I just wanted to let you all know that even if I wanted to, I won’t be able to make this evening (for me) anyway.

Everything that needed to be said for the moment came out in the last couple of Cafés, and as Marco has poignantly observed, a bit of a breather is in order and something of a regroup wouldn’t hurt. I totally agree. On top of all that, other plans have been made for me for this evening anyway.

Instead, I want to make a few observations re: the Kerri Welch paper, and have an exceedingly small window of opportunity to do so. (The parents of my grandson’s best friend are getting married (civilly … which is required in Germany) tomorrow, so they’re having their Polterabend (kind of a pre-wedding, traditionally break-a-lot-of-porcelain (“shards bring luck”, as the Germans say) celebration) today, and both my grandson and his buddy will be spending the night with us, since the parents obviously have a lot of other things they have to attend to). I was aware of the festivities, but was only informed yesterday of the sleeping arrangements. (Hey, I’m just the Opa (grandpa) … as I said in the Café, my time’s up for grabs.) Oma (grandma) is going to need just a bit of support getting two four-year-old-best-buddies to bed. And, the “gruesome” twosome should be storming in here in about an hour.)

Have fun, if you get together. And if you don’t … have fun anyway.


Thanks for checking in, @achronon. The talk did not occur, which appears for the best.

I believe the Café on Tuesday gave us all plenty to mull and muse on this week. Moreover, I have been hanging out with @care_save today and we are working on some Cosmos visioning; hope to share the results of that soon.


Here’s some of the results!


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