Cosmovision Weekly [5/2]

(Marco V Morelli) #1

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Each week, we merge minds to explore multiple perspectives on the future of Cosmos—the platform, the community, and the planetary movement for cooperation and creative freedom.

This week:
Caroline is on the tail end of preparing for a heady beginning, an admirable lifestyle change that may just alter the world one mind at a time. Marco and Doug process these changes with Caroline in a triune weave on thoughts of ethical and spiritual “capital” along with intersteeping of available biotic templates that provide grounds for composting our personal patterns and practices which are in turn composted by other creators.

(Douglas Duff) #2

I made a promise to work on archiving the Cafés. I still question what would be best, at least for what I can offer. I like that we have all of the audio/video saved in GDrive and I like that we wish to place these in a secure spot outside of Google. But rather than organize folders and files I think I could be most useful by organizing the content on Cosmos.Earth. Below is what I have attempted with two of the first “episodes”

Cosmos Café: The Reflexive Universe, by Arthur Young

This is the first (officially titled) Cosmos Café (click the purple heading to go to the page). On the Cosmos.Earth website, I have created this under the podcast feature. The date listed (1 May 2019) is the date posted to Cosmos.Earth. You can download the file, play in new window, click next to the Earth image and play in the browser. The duration, date recorded and list of participants (“speakers”) in the discussion are also listed. A brief description of the Cafe and a link to the forum thread and the video recording are available.

I am most interested in a few archiving features. Some useful features available at this time:

  • It is useful for browsing by subject (clicking “tagged with” at bottom of page). As an example, the image below shows the page after I clicked on philosophy:

Since both of the Cosmos Cafés I have posted are tagged with philosophy, they both show up.

  • Another feature is the search by “speaker.” I have clicked Marco V Morelli and this page comes up:

Since Marco was a part of the first two Cosmos Cafés they are both listed + other pages in which Marco is tagged, such as Secret Water, his audio recording of @Ariadne’s poem.

A few quibbles/questions:

  • The podcast episode can only be entered manually into the main title. Can we have the Podcasts on Cosmos.Earth be listed by episode? It would help to have a page dedicated to the chronological order, something that is not available on Infinite Conversations.
  • The date listed that the eye sees first is the post date, not the date recorded. This too can be added into the title. I feel the post date is irrelevant and can be excluded.
  • There is an option for iTunes Podcast series which has not officially been set-up. Will this be an option later?

I am looking for feedback from anyone. I know in the past the @ccafe crew discussed better archiving. In tandem with the labelling by subject/keyword on Cosmos.Earth, I will also be updating the subject/keywords on each Infinite Conversations’ Café thread . . . though we are limited to 5 keywords:

Any thoughts from those that attend the Cafés? Also, perhaps in more distant times we can have a sub-channel for the Generation series, the Alternate Realities, etc.

(Marco V Morelli) #3

Hi Doug,

Thanks for this note and excellent feedback.

I am going to talk with @kayla about some technical considerations in how we create archival posts, so that they are able to be sorted/filtered by date recorded, as well as date posted.

It looks like we may also need to connect the speakers with actual user profile pages. Right now those links are only showing the podcasts a speaker was involved in—not other content (such as a blog post). Maybe that is OK? But it seems better to link to one canonical profile page per person. For example, this is my page:

It is cool seeing that first-ever (so-named) “Cosmos Café” now up on the site. I have a series of maybe 15 talks (“Infinite Conversations podcast” and “Infinite Conversations LIVE” recordings) that happened before this event, which are in my own backlog to post.

I wonder if we could define a schema of required, optional, and desired fields for these archival posts, such as:

  • audio
  • video
  • overview / description (short and sweet)
  • speakers / participants
  • date recorded
  • keywords (tags)
  • transcript
  • featured image
  • resources and links

Each page would then also link to its corresponding forum topic on IC, so all the data and content relating to an event is in one place and can be searched or filtered, as you point out, by category, tag, person, or date. It would be great if we could stimulate some wider community effort to fill in any missing information.

Regarding podcast listings and syndication, I am not sure what you mean by listing “by episode”—could you clarify?

Regarding sub-series, such as Generations and Alternate Realities—these are doable to. I would also suggest that some series or collections could be featured on Metapsychosis, if there is a topical or aesthetic resonance.

In principle, the same features available on Cosmos.Earth will be available on (and vice versa). The difference is that Metapsy is an editor-curated space, whereas in Cosmos.Earth any member-author can post autonomously post to their “microcosm,” while editors can assigned content to the public channels (currently Cosmos Café and Cosmovision).

I have not yet set up the iTunes, Spotify, or any other social-sharing accounts—but it is on my list. For now I think it is OK to keep uploading to the site and organizing our content. That way, when the feed is set up, there will be a lot available right away and it will already be clearly organized.

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