Democracy.Earth whitepaper ... a micro reading group related to Cosmos' development?

Just wanna throw this out there and see if there are any bites…

I’m coming across a ton of brilliant content from around the world as I research for’s development. Just one little example is this paper by the team at Democracy.Earth which discusses the potential for globalized decentralized democratic governance,

Their site opens with this proclamation, which I love: “With the rise of open source software and peer to peer networks, political intermediation is no longer necessary. We are building Sovereign, an open source and decentralized democratic governance protocol for any kind of organization.”

The paper is 27 pages long. Would anyone like to read this in tandem and then convene a Cafe-style get-together to discuss our reflections and takeaways–and even, to explore how and what we might contribute or glean from this effort?

If there emerges strong interest from any one or some of the ideas contained therein, I envision the potential to catalyze working groups to take and “run” with the related research, development, partnering, prototyping and testing of various tied-in functional capacities that Cosmos is going to need to realize these same, similar or parallel aspirations. On my end, I’m working to pull together and “weave” the many disparate but compatible threads of partner initiatives (a preliminary partner outlook will be included in Key Docs batch 2 release)… Looking forward to the day when tangible collaborative contributions can be made by any member of Cosmos with the consent or the autonomy afforded by peers in equity.

More minds are better than one! Er, when skillfully entangled, that is. :smile:


I’m down for this. I’ve had the white paper printed out for the last couple months and have dipped in here and there, just haven’t had the prompt to dive in fully.

I see it as a form of creative democracy—and I believe we could get even more creative with it ourselves, if we imagine Cosmos as a kind of virtual proto-city, which evolves its own synthesis of various codes, memes, and best practices, which are currently being reality-tested by innovative people around the world. We are very lucky to be doing this work right now!

At the moment, granted, we are more like a small buzzing anarchic outpost on an alien rock than a polity—but there are stirrings here, I believe, of a flourishing cosmopolis. We could certainly experiment internally with technologies of planetary democracy, report our results, and be early adopters of whatever kind of federated protocols might arise. May it be so.

@jamieandhisego: You may be interested in this topic, given your writing on the “right to the city.” Pia Mancini’s presentation below (made a couple years prior to this white paper) would be relevant to your thesis, I believe.


I’d be up for a read and a chat.

Downloaded the paper, will try to get to it as soon as humanly possible. With a scheduled kick in the butt, it could be sooner.

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I’m game to give this a try… tell me when you want to chat about it…

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Thanks for the responses! Let’s schedule something. Maybe the week of Feb 5th for a video conversation about it? I have a fairly wide open schedule (currently) so I’ll accept your preferences as guiding factors in making a choice as to when. :slight_smile:

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I’m good with the normal Cafe-session-time that week. Anywhen else means a bit of scheduling.

The normal caveat is: I cannot and should not be the deciding factor. I’m one of the outliers timewise and accept that fully. I can do – when necessary – the same time on any day of the week (+/- an hour), except on Thursday that week (which is my wife’s birthday).

Café time (Tues, 1 pm MT) is by default open for me, and our schedule is currently open, but neither should I be the deciding factor. Whenever it is, I will endeavor to make it, unless I have a previous commitment. It would be good to know whether this meant to be an ‘open’ or ‘facilitated’ conversation (not that it can’t be a little of both), but just so we know what the expectations are for any follow-up, re: spin-off topics, etc.

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Cafe time could work.

And I think this would be an open conversation, with the goal of reflecting on what we saw in the paper. Although it’s possible the next Key Docs batch would be out by then, so some ideas therein might naturally tie into the paper discussion along the lines of “what might WE want to DO with [topic-or-method-X-appearing-in-the-paper] on our platform?” But that info could be easily captured and a later facilitated conversation could occur (I envision all Key Docs conversations as being somewhat or fully facilitated, insofar as we’re aiming to “move together in” a specified direction.)


So that would be 1/30 at 1 pm MT. Should I put it in the calendar?

Also, would you create a new topic for the dialogue in the #commons:cafe channel? Here is a template:

Title: [1/30] Cosmos Café: Your Name for the Event

Tuesday, 1/30
1 pm Mountain Time (Denver, USA)

(Convert time zone: Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator)

ZOOM link: Launch Meeting - Zoom


One or two paragraphs intro to the topic.


Links to suggested (or required) reading material

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So, what’s it going to be?

I came across a link today which may be helpful in understanding some of the jargon of the whitepaper. Purely FYI:

Hey folks… How about we take the Cosmos Cafe time on Feb 13th to discuss the white paper? @madrush does that work?

We could use this thread to continue sharing videos, articles or other media that ties in, too. But the hope would be for each participant to have read the paper before the chat.

Sound good?


Feb 13 sounds good to me for Unless there are any objections, I will schedule it. Thanks, @care_save!


Works for me … now 20.

I will need the extra time to finish reading it. There is a lot there, although fascinating also. So I will aim to finish for the 13th. Thanks!


Finished a first reading of the white paper. Ouf! Brilliant work, I must say. Although I have lots of questions. Can’t wait to talk about this!


I’ve closed this topic, but the discussion is continued here: