Design Principles: Community & Social Norms

In this Key Doc, Learning & Habit Loops, is the first time I say “responsivity principle.” However, I think this may be a key differentiation to circle back and connect to these Unified Design Principles. It’s distinct from the reciprocity principle (which suggests “parallel or equivalent” gift economy circulation), and, although closer to themes of amplification and sponsorship, it may yet be distinct. Responsivity is especially crucial to explaining how the PLATFORM interacts with its human users–e.g., the user defines its objectives or intentions, and the system constructively attempts to respond to that. But responsivity could also be extended to human-to-human interactions: how are you supportively responding to one another’s contributions? Responsivity is like feedback: feedback is intrinsic in any connected/interactive system, and the key is whether we are oriented to it, whether we are willing to adapt, respond, and transform as a result of said feedback that we encounter. In principle form, it would suggest that: yes, we are oriented to receiving and modifying our behavior through feedback, we are oriented to transformation as a result of interaction.