Digital Resources for Ever-Present Origin

###Searching for Origin

Many of you have noticed that EPO isn’t an easy book to come by. With no digital copies yet available, we’re left to the university publishers to come around to offering a digital version – perhaps through Amazon Kindle or Google Books – while we scrounge for physical copies on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or our local libraries. As the Gebser Society President, I’m trying to throw my weight around a little bit and see if I can get some momentum in this direction. Updates to come.

###EPO, Hypertext
I’ve compiled a rudimentary list of resources for EPO. Many of these are books, essays, and lecture material I’ve found that are either directly about Gebser’s work or mention it to some significant degree. They’ve each helped me, personally, along the way of understanding Gebser’s work. If something is missing, feel encouraged to share.

Digital Resources for Ever-Present Origin

###Digital Text

Secondary Readings




(1) Other works by Thompson reference Gebser, and are probably worth mentioning here. See The American Replacement of Nature and Imaginary Landscape: Bridging Worlds of Myth and Science.
(2) Also see Lachman’s The Secret History of Consciousness.
(3) Pinchbeck also references Jean Gebser in numerous essays on Reality Sandwich magazine, citing him as a critical inspiration alongside political philosophers like Hardt and Negri, and mystical scholars such as Sri Aurobindo. Some of this writing was anthologized into Notes from the Edge Times.


The file for the “first 77 pages or so” of EPO is actually Part 1 Chapters 1, 2, 4, 8 (but not 16 or 32) and some chapters from Part 2.
If folks’ copy of the book have not arrived yet, perhaps it would be better for the first week’s reading to be just Chapters 1 and 2 and leave the first half of Chapter 3 until the next week?

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This is useful to see perspectivalism in art history by


Hi Roberta! Thanks, this is really helpful!

Let me chat with the rest of the team about that – but we will have a catchup week for anyone who needs more time to get the book.

I think we should review that 77-page doc and update the description or remove the link. It seems to jump around and might have other issues.

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@Robertavl recommended “Op Art History Part 1” for help with understanding Gebser’s careful study of art.

This reminds me of another very useful text for understanding the emergence of perspective in the Renaissance and the pros/cons of that development, John Berger’s Ways of Seeing.

Can’t emphasize enough how helpful this will especially be for the understanding of the “mental” structure of consciousness.


Yes, I thought some of that sounded familiar. Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of its Technical Reproducibility is short and worth the read, for anyone who’s interested.

Thanks, Jeremy. I’m just getting to Chapter 2 this afternoon. I like having the PDF print outs so I can draw and take notes on the page. I ordered the book on amazing and it says it will be available the 21st and that means I should get it later this week or early next week… Any chance you can post chapter 3’s pdf as well?

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